You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Thursday, December 06, 2018



If you become pregnant, especially after infertility, you may "live and die" by your HcG numbers. Do you need more information about HcG levels in pregnancy and what the normal levels are? HcG stands for "human chorionic gonadotropin" - otherwise known as the pregnancy hormone. Women who have normal pregnancies may never deal with having HcG levels monitored (except to confirm a pregnancy). However, if you've undergone fertility treatments, you will probably have this test done after every cycle. There are a number of things which can affect HcG levels especially on home pregnancy tests. This is why most doctor's offices will use a blood test which is more sensitive and more accurate.

Some higher risk women get HcG levels monitored every 48 hours
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Whenever I found out I was pregnant (even though most miscarried), I would have my HcG levels drawn immediately and every 48 hours thereafter to see what the numbers were doing.
For me, many times, the levels looked great and other times, they were sluggish and not doubling like they should. Unfortunately, I miscarried all of those pregnancies. Some doctors may recommend
coming in periodically after a miscarriage to make sure that your HcG levels are falling, however, many times they don't. I should mention that on one of my miscarriages, my HcG levels kept rising and they thought I might have a molar pregnancy. This is where the pregnancy cells keep growing almost like a malignancy. as it turns out, I did not have a molar pregnancy, but I did go ahead and have a D & C to be on the safe side.Interestingly, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I decided not to have any bloodwork nor did I see a doctor until I was over 7 weeks. I didn't want a blow by blow accounting of my numbers. If I was going to miscarry, then so be it (and of course, that was the one pregnancy that made it). It makes me wonder why I put myself through all blood draws and the subsequent waiting and wondering for the results.

Some women with low HcG levels go on to have healthy pregnancies 

 I know a number of women who had HcG's drawn and they were told the results were low but they went on to have healthy pregnancies. Sometimes I think we just get too much information. If you are wondering what the normal HcG levels are in pregnancy, this chart should give you some guidelines which are followed by the medical community:

hCG Levels
Days from LMP Weeksfrom LMP Events Avg hCG mIU/ml Range hCG mIU/ml
26 3w+5d
25 0-50
27 3w+6d
50 25-100
28 4w+0d Missed period 75 50-100
29 4w+1d
150 100-200
30 4w+2d
300 200-400
31 4w+3d
700 400-1,000
32 4w+4d
1,710 1,050-2,800
33 4w+5d
2,320 1,440-3,760
34 4w+6d
3,100 1,940-4,980
35 5w+0d
4,090 2,580-6,530
36 5 1/7
5,340 3,400-8,450
37 5 2/7
6,880 4,420-10,810
38 5 3/7 yolk sac appears 8,770 5,680-13,660
39 5 4/7 yolk sac appears 11,040 7,220-17,050
40 5 5/7 yolk sac appears 13,730 9,050-21,040
41 5 6/7 yolk sac appears 15,300 10,140-23,340
42 6 heartbeat appears 16,870 11,230-25,640
44 6 2/7 heartbeat appears 24,560 16,650-36,750
45 6 3/7 embryo appears 29,110 19,910-43,220
43 6 1/7 heartbeat appears 20,480 13,750-30,880
46 6 4/7 embryo appears 34,100 25,530-50,210
47 6 5/7 embryo appears 39,460 27,470-57,640
48 6 6/7 embryo appears 45,120 31,700-65,380
49 7
50,970 36,130-73,280
50 7 1/7
56,900 40,700-81,150
51 7 2/7
62,760 45,300-88,790
52 7 3/7
68,390 49,810-95,990
53 7 4/7
73,640 54,120-102,540
54 7 5/7
78,350 58,200-108,230
55 7 6/7
82,370 61,640-112,870
56 8
85,560 64,600-116,310

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