You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Friday, November 30, 2018


What Temperature Indicates a Miscarriage

What are the BBT signs of a miscarriage?

Yes, you can use your basal body temperature to determine a miscarriage in the first trimester. If you do continue to chart your basal body temperature during your first trimester and it goes down to pre-ovulation temperature(below cover line) this could be an indication you are about experience a miscarriage. If your temperature drops to below your cover line, (if you tracked your basal body temperature you know what your cover line is), for more than two mornings than you should give your doctor a call as he or she may decide to use progesterone supplements to attempt to void off a miscarriage. If you do not know your cover line the average is about 97.5F, meaning if your temperature is lower than 97.0F and you do not know what your cover line is than you should also
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give your doctor a call.

When Will My Temperature Not Indicate a Miscarriage

You can not, however, use this technique to determine a missed miscarriage(this is when you don't have a viable pregnancy but it has not expelled) because your progesterone levels are still high and your temperature may still be higher too. Remember here that it is when your progesterone levels fall that your body knows to start shredding your uterine lining(bleeding) . During a missed miscarriage your body does not yet know that the pregnancy is not viable. Missed miscarriages are usually determined via ultrasound where no heart beat is detected. Your progesterone and temperature would still be elevated during this situation. Your doctor will only recommend taking a progesterone supplement if he or she suspects that the miscarriage is caused by low progesterone. If that is not the cause the chances of saving the pregnancy is slim as genetic factors can not be fixed with progesterone. If genetic factors are the case you need to just remember that miscarriages are extremely common; happening in about 75% of pregnancies, known or not. You also need to remember that taking progesterone supplements against what your doctor recommends could just be slowing down the process. (excerpted from

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