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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


A Willingness to Live - A Clairvoyant's View of Baby Psychology and Parent Psychology

Guest Post By Jean Mastellone

I am a clairvoyant with an unusual ability to see deeply into the human subconscious. I have worked as a clairvoyant researcher for over 20 years in a project whose objective was to discover the root cause of negative human experience. During that time, while tracking child, teen, and adult destructive behavior patterns, I have recorded hundreds of segments detailing the psychological
experience of the person's womb life. The following are some of my clairvoyant observations relating to prenatal psychology and life inside the womb.

Baby psychology and parent psychology are interconnected. We have much to learn about baby psychology and positive parenting. What typically goes on subconsciously and psychologically between babies and their parents is extremely influential and often shocking.


Willingness to live and grow
In order to stay and grow, an embryo body has many developmental obstacles to get through. There are zillions of connections that have to be made perfectly. This takes a degree of physical and mental health on the part of both baby and mother. The embryo consciousness, from conception, is participating in making those connections with his or her willingness to live and grow. The embryo's cooperation is a definite factor in personal health and development.
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This participation and cooperation became apparent to me while I was clairvoyantly reading a mother who had had two miscarriages and desperately wanted to keep her current baby. At first, I thought the embryo consciousness was "dormant" or sleeping, but later I saw that she in fact was actively and subconsciously communicating with her mother by expressing her willingness to live. The mother was "willing" her baby to stay and grow and the embryo was "willing" the same. Together, they were
getting through places of potential danger where certain hook-ups could have been weak or flawed. I sensed at that time that if people could consciously tap-into their full memory files, they would be able to remember exactly how their embryo body had been formed.
While observing a four-week-old embryo, I saw that the baby's mother had subconsciously put negative thought energy on her baby because she was extremely upset about being pregnant. Amazingly, I saw the natural energies in the DNA that were sustaining life and creating physical growth begin to push the mother's negative psychological energy out of the embryo's body, aura, and living space. This energetic activity clearly seemed to be a natural, spontaneous repelling action. It allowed the embryo to continue growing unimpeded by her parent's abrasive negative mental and emotional energies that were being directed toward her. I saw the same phenomena on several other occasions with different embryos. Nonetheless, this natural protective response seemed to occur only within the first eight weeks after conception.
Moving up in the womb world
The physical position of an unborn baby in the womb has psychological dimensions. I have repeatedly seen that an embryo's physical growth and psychological development were related to the mother's "energy centers" (Chakras) that are located in the lower portion of her physical body. In particular, the first, second, and third energy centers play a significant role during pregnancy and prenatal development. I found this remarkable.
I saw that conception occurred in the aura of the first energy center, the "survival center," at the base of the mother's spine. As the embryo grew and developed, the baby moved up into the area of the second center, which is the "feeling center." This is the area where emotional and sexual energies are felt, exchanged, and stored as "memory."
Waking up to feelings
When I observed an embryo first waking up to feelings, the baby was positioned in the mother's feeling center (second energy center) and was becoming a "feeling human."
The two-week old unborn babies in my studies began feeling and responding to their mothers' conscious and subconscious feelings and emotional states. As they grew and matured, they moved into the aura of the mothers' third energy center, which is the "activity center." At this point, the babies had become substantially larger, more physically developed, and more active,
The willingness to live is important at any stage in life. It means a willingness to be alive in the truest sense of those words. It means ongoing health on a mental, emotional, and physical level. This kind of aliveness requires right choices that we can all, anytime we are willing, naturally sense and choose that goal.
Prenatal psychology is a controversial topic primarily because of the abortion issue. Scientific studies directed toward identifying facts about prenatal psychology (conducted mainly outside the U.S,) have been ongoing for the past 40 years. Many scientific findings coincide with what I see when I look inside the womb.
For truly new perspectives and insights about the psychological sophistication of our unborn babies and core-level subconscious interactions that regularly occur between parents and babies, visit
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