You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Monday, July 09, 2018


Miscarriage and What Women Want Or Need Afterward

Some women may find it helpful to read about a realistic description of things that help and things that don't in terms of your emotional health after miscarriage. If others ask if there is anything they can do, this site may give you some ideas what to tell them.  This article includes quotes from actual women who described what would have helped.  Some women want the company of others and some want to be alone.  Read more:

What helped when miscarrying was happening?
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While you are miscarrying, or just after, give yourself time. Most of us realised we shouldn't go back to work to soon, but equally, being alone was a scary prospect.
"Not being on my own for about a week afterwards. I had to make sure I was doing stuff in the evenings or days cos otherwise I would brood too much."

"Having company - various family members rearranged their lives so I wasn't on my own for 10 days."

"Not being left on my own for the first week."

"Firstly, I needed to be alone - whether that was because my 3 miscarriage were quite painful and I was doubled over I don't know, but I needed to be by myself and not do anything."

"Having a day in bed alone to cry with my cats and going away the week after to see family."

"I think I should have taken more time off work, a whole week at least. Both times I went to work on 4th day after finding out about the miscarriage and 2 days after D&C. I felt good initially to be doing something, but since I hadn't told work about the pregnancies, I didn't tell them about the miscarriages and it was very hard trying to be as if everything was ok. I also think I might have gotten over the weekly crying bouts sooner if I had given myself more time in the beginning." 


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