You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Sunday, April 15, 2018


Pregnancy has a number of milestones which, when reached, usually lessen the possibility of miscarriage.  I'm sure that's why a number of women choose to keep their pregnancy a secret until they've reached the end of the first trimester.  One big milestone is when a heartbeat is seen on ultrasound.  However, sometimes a woman will go on to miscarry even after a heartbeat is seen.  One of my pregnancies did have a heartbeat, but the doctor immediately said "it's slow" when he looked at the ultrasound.  I did miscarry that pregnancy.  This article discusses the chance of miscarriage at different points in the pregnancy:


From the article:

The heartbeat can be seen on ultrasound right around the 5th week of gestation. However, even if the
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heartbeat is seen this will not rule out other causes of miscarriage such as birth defects or chromosome abnormalities that may end the pregnancy. 

What Are the Chances of Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat?
If miscarriage were to occur, 80% of them happen before the 12th week of pregnancy. Out of those, 50% to 70% happen before women even know they are pregnant. The chances of miscarriage are actually quite low if you already see fetal heartbeat on ultrasound. There is approximately a 5%-10% chance of miscarriage after the baby’s heartbeat is visible. This does only apply if the fetal heart rate is a good number. Low heart rates may show a problem and that a miscarriage may be imminent. Also, if there is a heartbeat it doesn’t always mean that a miscarriage will not occur later on.
This rule also only applies if you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy with no bleeding, cramping, spotting or lack of pregnancy symptoms. Another factor is the heart rate. If the baby has a normal heart rate over 120 beats per minute it is considered normal. Concern goes up if the heart beat is too slow or too fast. Doctors add that even if the heart rate is normal, there can still be other conditions that affect the baby and/or pregnancy like poor maternal health, drug/alcohol use, hormone issues or uterine structural abnormalities.

Chances of Miscarriage in Different Conditions of Pregnancy
After the heartbeat is detected the risk of miscarriage begins to decline, but there are differentfactors that affect the rates of miscarriage. The numbers are not exact, but can give a rough estimate at the rates of pregnancy loss for certain situations:
  • ŸNo vaginal bleeding. With no vaginal bleeding, the chances of miscarriage after seeing heartbeat are 4%.
  • ŸWith vaginal bleeding. With vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, the chances of miscarriage after detection of heartbeat are around 13%.
  • ŸHistory of miscarriage. If there is a history of more than one miscarriage in the past, the chances go up to 17%.

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