You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Sunday, March 04, 2018


I could really relate to this article about what goes through your head when you experience miscarriage, infertility, or miscarriage after infertility.  You see other people with their happy little lives and their happy little pregnancies.  You feel like the oddball...the one who can't get pregnant or the one who can't stay pregnant.  The rest of the world seems to go on their merry way while you're still stuck at the starting gait or pushed back further and further.   It's a lonely, angry and jealous place to be which, of course, only makes you feel worse about yourself.  This blogger put things into words which many of us have felt on our journey through infertility and miscarriage:
Miscarriage Necklace, Until I See You Again
The truth of the matter is ,  we don’t always know other people’s pain.
Appearances can be deceiving. After I began having miscarriages, I began sharing these experiences on my blog. And to my surprise, many of my friends with children began to approach me with their own stories of pregnancy loss. Because they had at least one successful pregnancy, I subconsciously assumed they had done so without any of the complications I’ve experienced. This is default thinking, of course.
Infertility and pregnancy loss  affects 6.7 million women (or approximately 11% of women 15–44) in the US alone...
So those of us who are going through it may not have a frame of reference in the form of a friend or relative who has also gone through a similar experience.
In all likelihood, we actually have several friends and relatives who have experienced infertility and/or pregnancy loss, we just don’t know it. Of course, this lack of dialogue just bolsters our tendency to think of women as, essentially, fertile or infertile.
In turn, this binary way of thinking can lead us to either wishing “we” have what “they” have, or glad things are not as awful for “us” as they are for “them.” This is spiritually depleting. It’s also inaccurate. Women are not divided into two mutually exclusive camps, those who easily have successful pregnancies and those who are doomed to a life of fertility curve balls.  

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