You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Friday, March 02, 2018


 Miscarriage, Faith and Spirituality

Many people seek some time of spiritual explanation for their miscarriage. They ask God why and they sometimes feel lost and abandoned.

This article talks of a book which discusses "spirit babies" and some possible explanations of why one woman's miscarriage happened and the baby's "readiness" to come into the world. Read more:


From the article:
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In one story, a woman comes to him, having had a miscarriage the year before and afraid of having another one, yet anxious that this worrying might keep her from getting pregnant again. Makichen writes, "Looking into Delia's aura, I saw the familiar green oval of a spirit baby. Dangling from that oval, like a string on a balloon, were the remnants of the conception cord that attached the spirit to its new body .... When I connected with her telepathically, she sighed. "I'm supposed to be a woman this lifetime. I've never been one before. I'm not ready. I must be prepared.' ... I felt a strong sense of isolation and fear emanating from her." He explained to Delia that it might be a very long time before this spirit felt sufficiently prepared, if it were left to her. He gave Delia a practice to do that he calls "A Mother's Healing Touch" because it can calm and reassure a spirit baby and strengthen the mother-baby bond, supporting conception and full-term pregnancy. This client conceived after several months of doing the simple practice and continued to do it daily throughout her pregnancy.

Makichen writes that in the case of most of his clients who have experienced miscarriages, the baby itself is unprepared to face its new commitment to life. Other babies are patiently waiting for a particular woman or couple to be ready. One thing he makes perfectly clear: All spirit babies, are quite sensitive to the parents' emotions and to their environment. The environment of one set of parents' lives can be acceptable to one baby and discomforting or unacceptable to another, depending on its innate temperament and personality.


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