You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Thursday, March 08, 2018


Where Do Miscarried Babies Go?

I've often wondered what happens to those miscarried souls.  It's stories like these that make me think
that they are still floating around up there just waiting to meet the rest of their family.
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Many religions embrace the afterlife concept and I've always believed that the physical world is only one of our dimensions. This is a story about a boy who died or came close to death and tells of meeting his miscarried sibling.

From the site:
picture:  Colton Burpo 
Colton claims that while on the operating table he went to heaven and that he met his great-grandfather Pop. Colton says his grandfather didn't look like the man in the photo in his house, but instead looked like the man in the picture sent months later by his Grandmother, a young man without glasses.
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But perhaps the most shocking part of Colton's story, the baby he never knew about.
One day while Colton was playing he walked up to his mom, and out of the blue asked, "Mom, I have two sisters, you had a baby die in your tummy didn't you?"
Sonja was shocked and overwhelmed by what her little boy had just said. When she asked him who told him, he said, "she did Mommy, she said she died in your tummy."
Todd and Sonja had never told their son about the miscarriage Sonja had before Colton was born. After all, it was more than a four-year-old would ever need to know.
Colton went on to tell his mom that she was a girl and, "she looked familiar and she started giving me hugs and she was glad to have someone in her family up there."

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