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Thursday, February 01, 2018


Miscarriage and Saying Good Bye To Your Baby

This article puts into words what many women feel after a miscarriage.
 The trauma, the loss, and the fear that you may never succeed in having a baby.  Although the woman in this article has two children, she still feels like a mother of seven.  Read more:

Zoe regards herself as a mother of seven, not as a mother of two. "I don't want to forget the babies who were never born. They will always be a part of me," says Zoe.

Coping after a miscarriage can be extremely difficult for both parents. "People often underestimate the level of trauma," Zoe says. "Each time I've lost a baby, I've felt I might die with the pain. The grief was suffocating. It's overwhelming having to decide on the spot whether you want an autopsy or the body released to you. Not being able to face going to bed at night, knowing you're going to have to go through the anguish of the following day. And there's this terrible fear that you might never be a mother at all," she says.
She and Andy felt keenly that unlike the death of a person who has lived some kind of life – even if only for a few days after birth – there is no ritual public acknowledgment of the loss of a life. "When you miscarry, there's no funeral and no way of saying goodbye"


Knowing that thousands of women miscarry, or experience stillbirth, she and Andy came up with an idea – a way for grieving couples to experience closure. Under the name Saying Goodbye, they have organised cathedral services in various cities in mainland Britain this summer – London, Exeter, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. Everyone involved has donated their time – and contributions in kind – including clergymen and women, organists, choirs, florists and printers.
Miscarriage memorial necklace
Parents will be invited to light a candle at the service to commemorate their loss. With the backing of the Miscarriage Association, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, Zoe was able to approach numerous cathedrals. "Their response was amazing," she says. "They immediately said this was exactly the kind of thing they should be doing, that there was such a need." from: guardian uk

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