You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Miscarriage, Karma, and Fear

Yes, I did talk with a psychic when I was trying to conceive and after a number of my miscarriages.
 I even called into a radio show with a local psychic.  The answer was, "yes, you are going to have a baby".
Whether or not you believe in psychic abilities, this site called "" has some interesting perspectives on pregnancy and miscarriage. In this article, "Grace" talks about why a woman may be repeatedly miscarrying:

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When you call forth a child, you are calling for a great spirit to come to be embodied on Earth. Often, this is a spirit who has been to Earth many times before, and who probably knows you quite well through shared experiences in past lives. These past karmic experiences can bond you together for lifetimes - both from positive, loving experiences, and also from negative, painful ones. If that being has had a lot of painful experiences on Earth, it may be afraid to come back, and so part of this issue with repeated miscarriage may be because this soul is afraid to be born, and is backing out repeatedly.
This soul is also encountering your great fear of loss during pregnancy, which is making matters worse. A fetus feels everything that the mother feels, and these emotions are amplified and magnified a hundred fold. These emotions hit the baby in waves of energy, which either cause the baby to feel loved, comforted, safe and peaceful, or restless, trapped and afraid. It is natural to feel afraid during pregnancy, and it seems that other people cannot resist telling a pregnant woman all kinds of horror stories and things to worry about, but fear does not create an environment that supports life, health and well-being, either for you or your baby. The more peaceful and calm you can remain before, during and after your pregnancy, the better for everyone concerned.

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