You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Miscarriage Pevention with Raw Food

This article is from a woman who experienced repeated miscarriage, especially as she got older.
 Her philosophy and the actions she took sound very similar to mine. Eating the right foods does wonders for your body and can help balance hormones to get you back on track. Read more:

From the article:

I am a big believer in what the right food can do for us, and if we are a woman experiencing miscarriages, eating more raw live food could never hurt your present situation....only improve it. So many fertility issues can be improved by changing to a raw diet as well as implementing exercise. Certainly not all of them, but many can. In my case it was age related infertility that was the culprit.
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The raw food improved my endocrine function as well as my egg quality which therefore made it possible to successfully conceive. In the case of endometriosis, raw food can improve liver function and therefore better rid the body of the excess estrogen that is the culprit in that disease. In the case of PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the endocrine system is in such chaos, raw food can only improve and better regulate this condition, more than anything processed or from store shelves. Whenever possible eat from the ground, so to speak.

Eating this way won't solve any miscarriage issues overnight. It takes a number of months to see the benefits of living this way depending on what conditions are causing the miscarriages. Its not like taking pharmaceuticals that have a sudden aggressive impact. These are nutrients that our bodies were made for and are familiar with. They work gently, but make no mistake, just because you may not suddenly feel different, doesn't mean that it's not working it's magic. This food is effective for so many conditions, infertility is just one of them. The condition of our endocrine system that regulates reproduction, as well as our egg quality are profoundly affected by diet. Improving the nourishment that these are getting over the course of some months will have a favorable outcome on your reproductive potential to maximize conception success. If a strong healthy conception takes place, you will then carry to term. So much of preventing miscarriage happens in the time prior to the conception by way of what we are eating and our lifestyle as a whole.

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