You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Some Miscarriages Can Be Prevented

It seems like all we hear about or talk about is the danger signals in pregnancy and impending miscarriage.
Well, not all pregnancies miscarry even when there are danger signals. Here is a story about a woman who was told she would most likely miscarry, but with a little luck and a little treatment, she carried to term and realized her dream.
Odom heads a program - called pregnancy loss evaluation and prevention at St. Joseph's/Candler Telfair Reproductive Center - that specializes in preventing "preventable" miscarriages.

The program's goal is not to prevent miscarriages that are the result of chromosomal abnormalities, but those that could, with some medical intervention, have resulted in healthy babies.

Stefanie had started going to Odom, a reproductive endocrinologist, because of the difficulties she had becoming pregnant. She believes divine guidance led her to his specialized practice since the threat of miscarriage turned out to be more of a problem.

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 Stefanie recalls asking Odom what the chances were the pregnancy would continue. He sadly held up his hand, indicating maybe five pregnancies with hormone levels like hers had been successful in his
20 or so years of practice.

Even Stefanie's medical paperwork didn't give much hope. It was filled out to indicate the most likely outcome: "spontaneous abortion" the medical term for miscarriage.

Odom advised the Reeders to cancel their travel plans that weekend and told them the signs of a miscarriage. He also told the Reeders he would pray for them. They asked loved ones to do the same.

That night Stefanie did what she had done since finding out she was pregnant. She read "Goodnight Moon" aloud to her unborn baby.

Sean put his hand on Stefanie's belly and prayed.

"We decided this is our baby as long as he's with us," Stefanie said.

Stefanie and Sean knew that medically speaking, their baby didn't have much chance. But they hoped God had other plans.

Turned out, He did.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Pregnancy Loss and Vanishing Twin

I recall hearing the phrase "vanishing twin" from my fertility doctor.
 Although I lost a twin pregnancy, I never experience this particular syndrome (although I know a women who had some fluctuating HcG levels and they suspected that her pregnancy may have started with two but spontaneously reduced down to one.) Here is an article that explains more:

From the article:
  Experts currently estimate that one-eighth of pregnancies begin as twins. But of course, the percentage of pregnancies that make it to term is smaller. Fertility specialist Dr. Carolyn Givens of
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the Pacific Fertility Center estimates that between 15 and 20 percent of all twin pregnancies will miscarry one fetus. "That's what happens what happens with a vanishing twin," she says, "You have an early miscarriage of the twin." Those estimates are supported by a 1986 sonogram study of 1,000 pregnancies. Exactly 21.9 percent of the women carrying twins in the first trimester experienced a "vanishing twin" event. 

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Due to the increased use of fertility drugs and assisted fertility techniques like in vitro fertilization, there's been a spike in multiple pregnancies and an accompanying rise in early gestation ultrasounds, so what used to be an almost unheard of phenomenon is rapidly becoming a hot topic among mothers.

What Happens?

When our twin disappeared, I found myself wondering if I'd done something wrong to cause the embryo to die. Did I sleep in the wrong side? Inhale someone's second-hand smoke? Lug my heavy one-year-old daughter around too much? The fact is that most of the time a twin vanishes during the first trimester for the same reason a single baby miscarries: There's a fatal genetic problem with the embryo and it couldn't continue developing into a full-fledged fetus. Dr. Givens explains, "This usually happens within the first eight weeks because that's when the organs form, and if there's a problem, this is when it will occur. If there's a chromosomal problem, some important gene doesn't turn on or do what it's supposed to do and the heart will stop developing."


Monday, January 23, 2017

7 Miracle Foods That Help Prevent Miscarriages

7 Miracle Foods That Help Prevent Miscarriages

By Jamie R Cocco-Dunkleberger

There are two common reasons believed to cause a miscarriage. The first is the health of the embryo. If the embryo was damaged at some point in the process of traveling it may not have been able to grow into a healthy fetus. The second is the embryo living in an unhealthy environment that didn't foster healthy development. There are other causes of miscarriages including progesterone deficiencies, chromosomal abnormalities and immune abnormalities. These problems are caused by something and don't just occur for no reason. Case in point is that you need to be healthy in order to be fertile. By eating certain foods you are providing your body with the nutrients it needs to foster the healthy development of an embryo that will implant successfully.



Eat Lean Meats
Lean meats are very high in zinc which sustains a healthy reproductive system. If you have a zinc deficiency it can prevent your body from sustaining a pregnancy. Lean meats give your body the right amount of zinc needed to maintain your good health and a strong reproductive system.
Egg Yolk
Egg yolk is rich in zinc and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps foster healthy implantation and is a natural progesterone booster. It also contains high levels of zinc which is needed to maintain a pregnancy in women and producing healthy swimmers in men.
Whole Grains
Whole grains are also high in zinc which, again, is needed to sustain a pregnancy and keep the reproductive system healthy. Make sure that at least half of your servings of whole grains are 100% whole grains as they are much better for your overall health. They are also high in fiber which gets rid of toxins and excess hormones in your body as well as keeping your blood sugar levels within a healthy range.
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Drink Plenty of Water
It is essential to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water per day. Not only does it replenish water lost keeping you hydrated, it also provides your body with the most important element to function properly. By drinking half your weight in ounces of water (for example: if you weigh 140 pounds you would need to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day) you are ensuring that your body stays hydrated fostering healthy egg development.
Nuts and Seeds and Dark Leafy Green Vegetables
Nuts and seeds and dark leafy green vegetables provide your body with progesterone, a hormone that is necessary to sustain a healthy pregnancy. They contain vitamin B6 which helps with implantation and naturally increases progesterone levels in the body.
Cold Water Fish
Eating cold water fish such as cod, salmon and halibut provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. These vitamins and nutrients help foster regular menstrual cycles, increases hormone production and reduces inflammation making conception and implantation more successful.
Organic Fruits and Vegetables
The lining of your uterus needs to be extremely strong and thick. This is the most crucial element in trying to get pregnant and maintain your pregnancy. If the connective tissue inside your uterus is weak, the embryo will not be able to attach itself or stay attached to your uterus. Vitamin C is a key component in strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue found in your uterus. Eating organic fruits and vegetables provide your body with the vitamin C and folic acid it needs to nurture a healthy pregnancy and successful implantation.
7 Dangerous Foods to Avoid:
Unpasteurized Cheese and Milk
Eating unpasteurized cheese and milk is extremely dangerous regardless of whether you are trying to conceive. There are many diseases that can be contracted which can cause a wide variety of dangerous illnesses including death. Only drink pasteurized milk and eat cheese that has been pasteurized to prevent contracting dangerous illnesses.
Raw Meat
There is no question that consuming raw meat can be dangerous. You can contract several different illnesses include salmonella, toxoplasmosis and listeria. All of these illnesses can cause a miscarriage. Make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked and stay away from raw fish such as sushi.
Caffeine in excess can severely hinder appropriate growth and maturation of your eggs. It can also cause hormone imbalances that are detrimental to getting pregnant and maintaining your pregnancy. Do not consume more than 200mg's of caffeine of day which is equivalent to two cups of coffee per day.
Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Stay away from fruits and vegetables that are not considered organic. Non-organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides and herbicides that negative impact the growth of healthy eggs and successful implantation.
Deep Sea Fish
Stay away from deep sea fish such as sea bass, swordfish and ahi tuna. They are high in mercury and can be extremely harmful to the reproductive system making it hard to sustain a pregnancy or to conceive.
Processed Grains
Processed grains lack sufficient amount of fiber. Fiber is needed to keep your blood healthy by getting rid of toxins and excess hormones present in the body. Processed grains also lack key nutrients needed to sustain a pregnancy.
Soy Protein
Soy proteins can be extremely harmful to your body if not fermented. It actually takes on the role of a hormone in your body disrupting your body's natural hormonal balance. Avoid all products that contain soy both while trying to conceive and during pregnancy as it can lead to miscarriage.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Many women wonder what they should and should not be eating in pregnancy not only to avoid miscarriage, but to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.  This article talks about some things that are safe and some to avoid:


Prohibited herbs during pregnancy:
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Cinnamon should be completely avoided during pregnancy because it is known for its ability to stimulate liquidity and the descent of the menstrual cycle, which could lead to abortion.


This spice is not advised to use in cooking during pregnancy as it may cause bleeding and miscarriage.


Among the plants that cause high blood pressure, especially with women who suffer from high blood pressure and may cause poisoning during pregnancy.


This herb causes relaxation of the uterus which can lead to bleeding, especially in the first months.

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Monday, January 09, 2017


Fish Oils are thought to have an "anti-inflammatory" affect in the body. Some women have what is called "placental inflammation". In pregnancy, fish oils are thought to help prevent conditions like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes according to an Australian study. The researchers found that
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consuming fish oil led to higher levels of "resolvins" in the placenta. Resolvins are formed from omega-3 fatty acids and are thought to reduce inflammation. Fish oils are also thought to assist with fetal brain development.
Fish oils are also are source of the good fats which can help not only in pregnancy but they can help women get pregnant in the first place.  These essential fats help with hormone production which can help you conceive in the first place:
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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Are Your Major Hormones in Balance? Insulin and Cortisol Balance

Guest Post By Cynthia Shelby-Lane, M.D.

Many people do not realize the connection between hormones and between hormones and diet. There are definite links between having balanced hormones and diet. One of the key links is the connection between insulin and cortisol.
Many people have gotten into some very bad habits that caused their diets to go off kilter. Back in the 1990s, people developed a fear of ingesting fat. As a result, they turned to low-fat foods, in addition to things such as refined carbohydrates and simple sugars. This trend caused a major problem; and, it actually created a situation in which their bodies had to use a lot of insulin to balance all the sugar they were putting into their bloodstreams. It eventually got to the point where their bodies weren't listening to the insulin and in fact became insulin resistant. This is an ongoing problem. The effect: The Obesity Epidemic
I spoke with Dr. Alicia Stanton, MD functional medicine physician, and author or Hormone Harmony� and she shed light on the issues related to insulin and cortisol.
The issue with insulin being out of balance is twofold. One problem is the direct relationship between insulin and belly fat. The more insulin you have, the more belly fat you tend to put on. This is a medical issue because belly fat has different enzymes in it that unbalance the hormones. Belly fat takes testosterone and converts it to extra estrogen, creating a big problem for both men and women. Women with too much extra estrogen can have breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, uterine fibroids, and other problems. That's why it's important to keep estrogen and progesterone levels balanced.



An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, especially estrogen dominance, can occur at any age. It is tragic to see children develop insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes, which is traditionally known as adult-onset diabetes. In addition, these children probably have a genetic predisposition to diabetes, in addition to a poor diet.
The other issue with respect to hormone balance is the fact that cortisol is the balancing hormone for insulin. This means that if insulin is out of whack, cortisol also gets out of whack. A very real
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hormone connection: cortisol can affect your hormones, and progesterone, the building block for cortisol, also happens to be the building block for estrogen and testosterone.
What does this mean? If you have a big demand for cortisol due to your body's attempts to balance insulin, and you take all your building blocks and push them over towards cortisol, you won't have the building blocks necessary to make estrogen and testosterone. You also won't be able to balance your estrogen with the progesterone.
In a nutshell, this is the simple connection between the diet and the hormones. It's important to watch your diet so that the hormones won't become unbalanced and cause serious health problems. Of course, it's all very complicated and specialists in functional and metabolic medicine can do the proper testing to help you get back in balance and on the right track.
Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD is a board certified, anti-aging and functional medicine specialist, emergency physician, comedienne and talk show host who believes "laughter is good medicine". Dr. Shelby-Lane has been seen and heard on local, state and national television and radio talk shows, educating Americans on a variety of medical issues.
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