You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Pregnancy, Holiday Stress and You!

Guest Post By Dr. Michele Brown OBGYN

The season of joy can indeed be joyous, but for most people it also means cramming enormous amounts of activity into a tiny amount of time. While Holiday gift shopping and business and social celebrations are fun, they arrive with the need to prepare large meals, deal with relatives and in-laws, worry about the cost of new clothes and extra food, end of year taxes, finances in general, bonus anxiety and even job security. This kind of pressure can bring on enormous amounts of stress and will drive you nuts (not the warm chestnut kind) very quickly if you let it.
For mothers-to-be, how does all of this stress affect her pregnancy? Can maternal psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress adversely affect the baby when pregnant during the holiday season? This particular area of concern has always been debatable but review of recent scientific literature has shown some surprising results regarding the relationship between psychiatric conditions and the possibility of affecting the uteroplacental environment... and consequently the
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Is there evidence that psychiatric conditions can effect pregnancy outcome?

A recent article from the Journal of Affective Disorders, in 2010 by Nicole Paz found that the risk of placental abruption is increased in pregnant women with mood or anxiety disorders. Placental abruption is an obstetrical emergency when the placenta prematurely separates from the wall of the uterus. This occurs in about 1 to 2% of all pregnancies. It is often associated with an "ischemia of the placenta" or a lack of perfusion to the placenta causing parts of the placenta to be infarcted (deadened) and consequently separate from the wall of the uterus. The placenta is the lifeline to the baby and having substantial areas that no longer function can dramatically effect the safety and well-being of the baby. Many other medical situations can be associated with this event such as hypertension, uterine infections, trauma to the uterus, premature rupture of membranes, maternal smoking, and maternal clotting disorders. Now there might be evidence that psychiatric conditions can also effect the placenta.
Previous studies by Qiu in 2009 have shown that there is a higher risk of preeclampsia (hypertension, protein in the urine, and marked swelling) and preterm delivery with maternal depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms. The authors Alder in 2007, and Halbreich in 2005 confirmed that anxiety during pregnancy and psychological distress have been reported to be associated with preterm delivery, low birth weight, and obstetrical complications. Another scientist Cohen in 1989 described placental abruption associated with panic attacks.
What is the mechanism by which this occurs?

Activation of the sympathetic nervous system with elevated chemicals in the body such as cortisol, corticotrophin releasing hormone, and serotonin levels, associated with anxiety and stress is believed to cause some of these observations. Stress causes increased hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal activity. These elevated chemicals can result in systemic inflammation and damage to vessel lining (endothelial dysfunction) which can lead to abruption of the placenta. Other investigators have found changes in clotting and platelet activity in women with major depression which can then affect coagulation pathways resulting in preeclampsia and abruption. Much evidence has mounted to show a relationship between depression and cardiovascular disease later in life through similar mechanisms.



More studies need to be done to investigate all the hormonal, vascular, and hemodynamic effects of maternal mood and anxiety on pregnancy and its outcome.
Is there evidence that psychiatric conditions occurring during pregnancy can effect mothers after they deliver?

Research has shown that anxiety, depression, and prenatal stress is also associated with maternal mental disorders after birth. There is a higher incidence of postpartum depression in women that have prenatal anxiety.
Is there evidence that psychiatric conditions during pregnancy can effect the emotional state of children after they are born?

Behavioral and emotional problems in children such as attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, oppositional defiant disorder and childhood anxiety are more prevalent in mothers that have anxiety and psychological distress during their pregnancies.
Maternal anxiety and stress during pregnancy can negatively affect both mom and baby both during the pregnancy and afterward. Screening women that have some of these disorders, and providing treatment, could be found to alter some of the adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with some of these well known psychiatric illnesses.
In the meantime, try to chill out during THIS holiday season. Allow yourself to sit back, and let everyone else worry about the seasonal details. No gift, meal, or gathering should ever be allowed to get under your skin because you don't want stress to get the better of your baby's health.
Get some relaxation tapes, try a little yoga and/or meditation and treat yourself to a massage DOCTORS ORDERS!!
Released by:
Dr. Michele Brown, is a practicing OBGYN who has delivered over 3,000 babies. She is also founder of Beaute de Maman Natural and Herbal Products for Pregnant Women. Dr. Brown is a graduate of Tufts Medical School and did her residency at Yale University. She has privileges at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT.
Beaute de Maman recognizes the importance of safe products for pregnancy. Beaute de Maman products contain natural and herbal ingredients that are safe for pregnancy as per the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines.
Article Source:,-Holiday-Stress-and-You!&id=5560731

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy

I had two ectopic pregnancies.
 The first had to be removed surgically because I was at risk for having my tube rupture which could be life threatening. However, if ectopic pregnancies are identified early enough, they may be treated medically with a chemotherapeutic drug called "methotrexate". Here is an article that explains how it works:

From the article:

"How Successful is It?
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As mentioned above, on average only one in 15 women will need surgery after treatment with methotrexate. By far most women require only one treatment, but very occasionally two may be necessary.The treatment works by interfering with an essential vitamin (folate), which is needed for the rapidly growing tissue of ectopic pregnancy.

See Also: Trying To Conceive After Ectopic Pregnancy (

Are There Any Side Effects?

Sometimes you may notice some mild abdominal pain after the treatment, though this should not be severe. Other occasional side effects (affecting up to 15% of people) include nausea, vomiting, indigestion or feelings of fatigue. Very rarely, it can affect the liver or blood counts, but this really is unusual, mild if it does occur and only transient. The follow-up blood tests will check for this."


Methotrexate For Ectopic Pregnancy

Friday, December 23, 2016


Prevent Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage Over 40

I read some the things on this site about how vitamin C and E may help with conception, pregnancy and preventing miscarriage.
See Also: for my series on foods for fertility
 Click through on this link, there is quite a bit of information about these vitamins. I still recommend talking with your doctor before starting a new vitamin regimen if you're already pregnant. Read more:

From the article:
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Taking vitamin E (at least 200 and perhaps 400 IU daily) greatly reduces the chance of miscarriage. This is no myth: by the end of WW II, there were already dozens of medical studies confirming this. They are reviewed in a 1953 medical textbook, The Vitamins in Medicine, by Bicknell and Prescott. (William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd.; Third Edition. ASIN: B000LCKALQ)


Monday, December 19, 2016


Chlamydia Can Cause Infertility, Miscarriage and Heart Disease

I knew that Chlamydia can be a cause of infertility but it also can contribute to  a miscarriage and can even affect your heart.  Many people who have Chlamydia don't know it.




 Chamydia affects the immune system and not only can cause miscarriage, but coronary artery
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disease as well.  Here is an article that explains some of the disease process:

Anthony Azenabor of University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee has identified a link in two seemingly unrelated health issues. The research team has identifies a rouge bacteria, Chlamydia, that wrecks the immune system causing coronary artery disease and miscarriages. By focusing on the immune system mechanisms in Chlamydia infections, Azenabor has identified an important link in seemingly unrelated health problems...

...As the macrophages become immobile, they accumulate in the blood vessel walls, setting the stage for atherosclerosis. Researchers also found that Chlamydia is also involved in the occurrence of spontaneous abortions or miscarriages. 


Thursday, December 15, 2016


Miscarriage and Caffeine

Most of us have heard that caffeine in pregnancy (at least in high amounts) can raise the risk of miscarriage.
 Fortunately for me, coffee was repulsive to me when I was pregnant. But some women may think drinking decaf is the answer. According to this article, decaf may have significant amounts of caffeine as well. Read more:

While a regular 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee usually contains 85 milligrams of caffeine, the researchers found that the brands of caffeine-containing decaf had caffeine ranging from 8.6
milligrams to 13.9 milligrams.
See Also: Fertility Tea Recipe (

During the second phase of the study, the researchers analyzed 12 samples of Starbucks decaffeinated espresso and brewed decaf coffee purchased from a single store. The decaf espresso drinks contained 3 to 15.8 milligrams of caffeine per shot, while the brewed decaf coffees contained 12 to 13.4 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce serving.

"If someone drank five to 10 cups of decaffeinated coffee, the dose of caffeine could easily reach the level present in a cup or two of caffeinated coffee," said the study's co-author Dr. Bruce Goldberger, director of UF's William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine. "This could be a concern for people who are advised to cut their caffeine intake, such as those with kidney disease or anxiety disorders."


Monday, December 05, 2016


It seems that everywhere you turn, people are talking about the "good fats" vs. the "bad fats".  Well it turns out that there may be some evidence that the good fats like omega 3 fish oils can help prevent miscarriage.

Pregnant women who take fish oil supplements may cut miscarriage risk due to inflammation of the placenta, and also improve the function of placenta.
As published in the Journal of Lipid Research, omega 3 fatty acids (fish Oil) affected the placenta and fetus of pregnant laboratory animals. After fish oil supplementation, the placenta had higher levels of
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compounds called resolvins. The study concluded that the omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil can help limit inflammation in the placenta.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There may be a new way to test the fetal cells early in pregnancy with a Pap smear type of test.  Apparently there are fetal cells way down into a woman's cervix during a pregnancy.  This is a much less invasive way to gain information rather than some of the other tests that are not only invasive, but are done quite late in gestation.  Read more:


Scanning a fetus’s genome just a few weeks after conception may soon be an option for expecting
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parents. Mom just needs to get a Pap smear first.

By scraping a woman’s cervix as early as five weeks into a pregnancy, researchers can collect enough fetal cells to test for abnormalities linked to more than 6,000 genetic disorders, researchers report November 2 in Science Translational Medicine. It’s not clear exactly how fetal cells make their way down to the cervix, says study coauthor Sascha Drewlo of Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. But the cells may invade mom’s mucus-secreting glands, and then get washed into the cervical canal.
Current prenatal tests include amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, but they work later in pregnancy: at least 12 weeks for amnio and at least nine weeks for CVS. Amnio requires a long needle threaded through a pregnant woman’s belly and uterus; CVS often does, too. Instead, Drewlo’s team gathered fetal trophoblast cells, which give rise to the placenta, and were able to examine the genomes of 20 fetuses.
The new technique, which can work with as few as 125 fetal cells, could one day help physicians care for their tiniest patients. For some genetic conditions, such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, early detection means mom can take some medicine to “actually treat the fetus in utero,” Drewlo says. 

Monday, November 28, 2016


I have a page on my website devoted to celebrities who have had babies over the age of 40 and even over the age of 50 ( But there are also a lot of celebrities who have publicly talked about their miscarriages.  Sometimes I think it helps the rest of us who have experienced one or most pregnancy losses to know that miscarriage has no boundaries.  Even the rich and famous are subject to the laws of nature.  Some of the celebrities who have talked about their miscarriage in this article include:
  • Celine Dion
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  • Barbara Walters
  • Valerie Bertinelli
  • Pink
  • Lisa Ling
  • Sophia Loren
  • Kirstie Ally
  • Jane Seymore
  • Gwenneth Paltrow
  • Brook Shields
  • Mariah Carey
  • Kathy Lee
  • Nicole Kidman

Friday, November 25, 2016


Miscarriage and EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields)

Based on what I know about EMF's, I usually recommend that women who are trying to conceive or
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already pregnant avoid direct exposure or limit their exposure to EMF's.
See for more on how to detoxify your environment for pregnancy 

 This article talks about a woman who believes that her miscarriage was related to work exposure:

Hannah Metcalfe revealed that being exposed to electromagnetic waves leads to stomach cramps, flu-like symptoms and splitting headaches.

Ms Metcalfe added that she is so sensitive to the waves that she has quit her job as a trainee solicitor and her partner, Mark Terry, goes to the town to run his errands.

“A week ago I had some very bad bleeding and was sure I had miscarried again. ¬Thankfully the baby is fine. I need to avoid Wi-Fi as much as I can. It makes me ill and I have to consider what it could be doing to the baby”, she said.


Monday, November 21, 2016


10 Things I'd Like the Mother of a Stillborn or Miscarried Child to Know

Guest Post By Elena LaVictoire

Every November 1, I commemorate the anniversary and short life and death of our sixth child, Raphael. Since experiencing a stillbirth first hand, I have tried to reach out to other women going through similar situations.
Recently, I went to the brief calling hours and funeral for a little baby that just never breathed on his own. His parents were there, all sad and numb with grief. I gave the mom a little prayer book and I tried not to say anything stupid. I mainly just said that I was so sorry for her pain and that I wished that I could make it better. With the time constraints and a line of other people wishing to pay their respects there wasn't much else to say. But to every mom who has suffered a stillbirth, here are 10
St. Gerard to protect pregnancy
things I wish I could tell them.
1. It is okay to be sad. We don't "do" grief very well in this culture and I really think that's a shame. Nonetheless, losing a baby and all of the hopes and dreams that go with it can be a shattering experience, and there is nothing wrong with having those feelings of deep sadness and grief.
2. Time will make it better. The images and events fade into our memories and the intensity of the pain starts to lessen. It doesn't make you less of a mother to start to feel a little happiness in your life when you're ready for it. The grief will still come in waves, (I have been surprised at how much more I have thought about my own son as the 10 year mark approached), but those waves will space out and when they do come, eventually you won't feel as overwhelmed by them.
3. Don't feel obligated to pretend that you don't feel the way you feel. People want you to feel better so that they can feel better. The scripture says to "Mourn with those who mourn." Don't be afraid to remind them of that.
4. Take care of yourself. Eat, exercise, get dressed. These things really help.
5. The loss of my child changed me permanently. It made me stronger and gave me a different perspective on everything. Nothing like finding the answer to "what's the worst that could happen?" to make everything else seem not so bad. I found a new appreciation for the other people in my life and life's little tragedies just didn't seem as tragic. In many ways, living through a stillbirth made me wiser.
6. It was difficult and even painful to be around other pregnant women or babies for a long time. Be prepared for that and guard your heart accordingly. It won't always be that way but it will be for a time.
7. You will always be your baby's mother. Death didn't change that. Don't be afraid to commemorate your child, perhaps with a picture or piece of jewelry or some other memorial. Or perhaps you'll develop a little ritual or tradition to remember the baby on his or her birthday. The baby had a life, albeit a short one. It is good to honor and remember that. I always remember my baby's birthday
8. If you look around and are observant, you'll see signs that some of the other women around you
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have had a loss. Maybe a little piece of jewelry or a tattoo or something will give it away. I've met some wonderful women and heard some amazing stories asking about a little angel pin or necklace.
9. No way around it, the next pregnancy will be scary, especially around the time of the first loss. I remember being terrified during my only ultrasound with the pregnancy after my stillbirth. I was so afraid that they would find something wrong. I think it's normal to be cautious and even scared. But I'd rather live with a little fear than to not try again and live with a lifetime of regret.
10. It may take some time, but eventually, if you're looking for it, you may just come to see your baby's part in God's plan. My son's little life had meaning, and losing him prepared me for so many other things in my life. And his siblings have a little intercessor waiting for them in heaven. Maybe he was there to meet my mother when she passed away too? I may not know the entire plan but I'm just sure that whatever happened, even though it was sad and painful, it was part of God's goodness, even if I don't understand it all completely.

Article Source:

Friday, November 18, 2016


The whole subject of progesterone supplementation in pregnancy has been hotly debated as to whether or not it can help prevent miscarriage.  However, testing progesterone in women with bleeding in pregnancy may prove to be quite helpful in determining whether or not the pregnancy is or will be viable.  A recent study shows that measuring progesterone in women with early pregnancy complication is a good predictor of outcome.  Read more:



Vaginal bleeding or pain occurs in around a third of women in early pregnancy. Doctors use ultrasound to test whether it is a viable pregnancy or a non-viable pregnancy, such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, but this can sometimes be inconclusive.
Some studies have suggested that a single progesterone measurement in early pregnancy may be a useful test, but results are conflicting.
So a team of UK and Dutch researchers set out to determine the accuracy with which a single progesterone measurement in early pregnancy can discriminate between a viable and a non-viable pregnancy.
They analysed the results of 26 studies involving 9,436 pregnant women. Seven studies looked at women with pain or bleeding and an inconclusive ultrasound assessment, while 19 studies looked at women with pain or bleeding alone.
Differences in study quality were taken into account to identify and minimise bias.
The results show that a single low progesterone measurement for women in early pregnancy presenting with bleeding or pain can discriminate between a viable and a non-viable pregnancy when an ultrasound investigation proves to be inconclusive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Most of us have heard by now that caffeine in pregnancy can cause complications and even contribute to miscarriage.  However, according to this article, both men and women should cut out caffeine if they are trying to conceive.  Pre-conception caffeine consumption by both partners leads to
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a higher miscarriage risk,  Read more:

 The team found that couples' caffeine consumption was associated with miscarriage risk; female partners who consumed more than two caffeinated beverages daily prior to conception were 74% more likely to experience miscarriage than those who consumed less.
And they found the risk of miscarriage was just as strong when male partners consumed more than two caffeinated beverages a day in the weeks before conception; these men had a 73% greater risk, compared with those who drank less than two caffeinated beverages daily.
"Our findings also indicate that the male partner matters, too," says Dr. Buck Louis. "Male preconception consumption of caffeinated beverages was just as strongly associated with pregnancy loss as females." 



The researchers note that previous studies have identified an increased risk of miscarriage with caffeine consumption in early pregnancy. However, they say such studies were unable to establish whether caffeine intake was a direct cause of miscarriage or an indicator of an unhealthy pregnancy.
A new study suggests that couples who are trying for a baby should take note of their caffeine intake, after finding that both male and female partners who consume at least two caffeinated beverages daily in the weeks before conception may be at greater risk for miscarriage.
from: medical news today

Monday, November 14, 2016


Soft Plastics - Beware - Recycle Don't Buy Or Use

By Dr. M. Wolken

You may not have heard of the dangers of phthalates in soft plastic containers, but over 1 billion pounds are produced worldwide each year. Daily you surely have used a product that contains them. They may be hazardous to your loved ones especially unborn and the young boys.
Where are they found Phthalates are chemicals widely found everywhere and in too many things. It is used as a softener in hair sprays, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, shower curtains, wood finishers, lubricants, certain medical devices, plastic wrap, plastic storage containers . If children put these plastic toys contain phthalates in their mouths the plastic can be released and ingested. When food is warmed or liquids are kept for extended periods in these soft plastic containers the phthalates are released into or liquid kept in the container and into the air.



Cosmetics and personal care products, including nail polish, mascara, fragrances, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, hair growth formulations, antiperspirants, and sunscreen, are a large exposure source. Gum, candy and oral pharmaceuticals may also contain them.. Even "new car smell" is partly due to phthalates used in car manufacturing. People have often have high levels of certain phthalates in their systems. Exposure can come through ingestion, inhalation, direct injection and skin contact.
Dangers to reproductive health
Perhaps most concerning are these chemicals' effects on reproductive health. In a study published in the May 2005 Environmental Health Perspectives, it was found that pregnant women exposed to common levels of phthalates might have baby boys with smaller genitals and incomplete testicular descent.
If pregnant moms have high levels of phthalates in their systems their infant boys have a 10-times greater chance of suffering reproductive damage.
Adult men can develop sperm damage if exposed to phthalates {DEP Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or Diethyl phthalate (DEP)or Butylbenzyl phthalate (BBP)}. This can lead to DNA damage to the sperm, and infertility and may also be linked to miscarriages, and birth defects, infertility and cancer in offspring ... This is a risk to public health."

  • Educate.
  • Go natural and read labels to avoid phthalates.
  • Use glass, stainless steel or the new nagelene to store liquids or solid food in.
  • Never store hot foods or drinks in plastic containers.
  • Use stainless steel or nagelene water bottles.
Pregnant women or women of child-bearing age should avoid using plastic when storing your food and drinks, and diligently read the back of cosmetic labels.
Author: M. Wolken, PhD is Dr. Stress-Less a specialist in helping you and your planet get healthier and stress-less.
For more helpful tips to saving yourself and the environment visit us at
Dr. Mary invites you and your kids to join us in building a healthy body and planet. Let's work together with our kids to save the planet. Join us at
Article Source:

Friday, November 11, 2016


I know that Veterans Day is to remember and honor and thank all of those who served in the United States Armed Forces.  But it's days like this that can trigger memories of loved ones lost.  For many years before I had my daughter, I would remember the babies I lost through miscarriage on days like
these.  I found that it was very helpful to have a little memorial service for each of the babies I lost.  I have a page on my website for anyone interested which goes through the steps I took to have a little memorial for each lost baby. 


Wednesday, November 09, 2016


I'll never forget once when I was sitting in the waiting room at a fertility doctor's office (this is before we threw in the towel and started trying naturally).  The receptionist apparently failed to realize that every word she said could be heard by a waiting room full of people.  She was on the phone and she thought she had failed to make an appointment for one of the patients.  She called the patient and was told that she miscarried.  The receptionist then says to herself (but out loud), "I'm sorry you had a miscarriage, but you saved my butt!"

Wow, I was shocked and mortified that this lady would actually say that within earshot of a bunch of
women and couples who were doing everything in their power to get pregnant.  After suffering through six miscarriages on the road to parenthood, I encountered many insensitive remarks and I was amazed that these people who had chosen a supposedly "helping" profession could be so cruel.
Other remarks I had to endure include:

"You can always adopt"
"Maybe it's for the best"
"How old did you say you were?"
and so on.


The one fertility doctor basically baffled me with a high tech explanation of what happened to the point that my eyes glazed over and I just tuned him out.  The bottom line was that I miscarried - no amount of medical jargon was going to change that.
In a few instances, I was basically ignored.  No condolences were given, I was just given the bomb that my baby had died and sent on my way.
Boy, if I could do it all over again, I would have said something back to them or written a letter after the fact about their insensitivity.  Maybe the next patient coming along might benefit.
The bottom line is that healthcare workers do need more education on how to handle patients going through miscarriage.  "I'm sorry for your loss" could go a long way.

Monday, November 07, 2016


Miscarriage and Questioning God

I think most of us who have gone through a miscarriage or been told that our pregnancy isn't progressing as it should be turn to our faith or belief system for help and guidance. I can't tell you how many times I turned to mine and was let down. It really does make you question if anyone or anything is out there listening to all those prayers.

Visit: for more on  infertility in the bible 

 You question if all of this is just a random sequence of events or if there is a purpose to the emotional and physical pain and suffering when you struggle with infertility and the heartbreak of miscarriage. Obviously I still don't have the answers but what I can say is that when I finally did have my daughter after six miscarriages, it totally felt like everything happened the way it was supposed to.

Miscarriage is devastating and perhaps the timing wasn't right for all of the pregnancies I lost.  Perhaps each of those babies that came and went decided that they would leave and make way for my daughter.  I guess I will never know, but I've come to the conclusion that you can't question everything, you accept what you're given.

Friday, November 04, 2016


If you are experiencing miscarriage, your Sacral Chakra may be blocked or be in need of balancing. The Second, or Sacral Chakra is also known in Sanskrit as Swadhisthanna. It controls the reproductive system.  The stone associated with the sacral chakra is Carnelian and it was hues of orange.  Orange is the color that vibrates in harmony with the Sacral Chakra.  Some ways to balance your sacral chakra include:
  • Increase the amount of orange in your life:  Wear the color orange - this can be clothing and jewelry.  Wearing Carnelian natural stone jewelry can help target the sacral chakra.  
  • Eat orange fruits and vegetables, visualize a bright orange sun.

  • Be generous and receive from other freely

  • Maintain a Healthy weight

  • Try Yoga Poses that open up the hips

  • Let go of emotional baggage
For more on chakras for fertility and life click here (

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Boy Babies and Miscarriage Risk

I found this article about how women who have boys may be at a higher risk of subsequent miscarriage.
After one of my miscarriage, I had the fetal tissue tested and it was a boy (which was chromosomally normal.  I did have some miscarriages after that, but I was never told about any association with the gender of the fetus.

From the article:


"The team at the Copenhagen clinic looked at 305 women who already had a child.

One hundred and eighty four - 60% of them had had boys.

The usual rate in a population would be 51%.

The researchers calculated women whose first child was a boy had a third of the chance as those who had had a girl of having a second baby, even after treatment.

And those women who do have second babies are more likely to have girls.


Dr Henrietta Svarre Nielsen, who led the research, said: "It is known that when a female carries a male, it is strange to her immune system.

"And up to 22 years later, you can pick up cells in her immune system which act against males.

"Carrying a male baby is normally tolerated - but in some cases, that obviously goes wrong."

She said her research was at an early stage, so had not identified what the problem might be.

But Dr Svarre Nielsen said it might be that the woman¿s body has an unusual immune reaction to the presence of male cells, which then worsens so it is triggered even by being pregnant.

She added: "The fact that we can now detect a defect might give us a clue to what happens in a normal pregnancy." 


Monday, October 31, 2016


Getting Pregnant And Preventing Miscarriage

This Halloween, you will inevitably be eating candy chocolate or otherwise..
 Unfortunately, most of the candy out there is junk, but if you can get your hands on some authentic dark chocolate, you may help prevent miscarriage. It seems every time you turn around, there's something in the news about how chocolate is good for you (but only the "real stuff"-- not milk chocolate).  It needs to be at least 75% cocoa to be considered the good stuff.


Chocolate May Reduce Miscarriage and help with morning sickness

 According to the article below, chocolate can not only help reduce the risk of miscarriage, but it may help with morning sickness. Read more:

(NewsTarget) If you're pregnant, you may be happy to know that chocolate cravings may be good for you. New research shows morning sickness lowers the risk of miscarriage by almost 70 percent -- and eating chocolate daily also appears to lower the risk of miscarriage.
"Chocolate is a genuine healing food," said Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate and holistic nutritionist. "It helps prevent cancer, boosts liver function and improves moods and energy. The key, though, is getting real cacao, not the candied chocolate that's mostly sugar and milk fat. When shopping for a chocolate bar, look for a cacao content of 75 percent or higher, and always buy organic chocolate," Adams said.

Researchers from a new study said that chocolate also made pregnant women feel well enough to "fly or to have sex." When it came to morning sickness, the researchers said that the worse the nausea, the better. 


Friday, October 28, 2016


What Would You Do If You Were Told Your Unborn Baby Had Down Syndrome?

Guest Post By Isla L Brookview

Let's face it - miscarriage is not a pleasant topic. Nobody wants to talk about it since it is a touchy subject so many times it is just brushed under the rug. There is a reason that expectant parents are told to wait until the three month mark before they disclose that a baby is on the way.
I have a great deal of personal experience in this area. Having suffered from recurrent miscarriages for years, I feel the pain of couples that deal with this. I have had a few chemical pregnancies around the 6 week mark, blighted ovum discovered on a 8 week ultrasound, as well as a very late miscarriage at 17.5 weeks that caused a great deal of pain and heartache.
How each person handles a miscarriage is very unique and personal no matter what stage of the pregnancy. My first miscarriage was in my second trimester and was also my first pregnancy. I kept it a secret from coworkers and most of my friends and family for the first few months. I was a naive optimist who thought that everything was going to go fine. After all - I had the usual signs of extreme morning sickness and fatigue, something my doctor assured me was a good sign that the pregnancy was progressing well.
I had just turned 35 at the time. I was often mistaken for being younger than my age so when I went for a visit to my doctor and her replacement - who didn't know me - told me not to worry about CVS testing because I was not old enough, I reminded him that I thought it was for women my age. I was told that I could get first trimester screening done as a less invasive procedure to determine any fetal abnormalities. It was a new technique done by blood tests and ultrasounds around the 11 to 13 week mark that was done at a private clinic and would cost a few hundred dollars. I wasn't sure that it was the right choice for us since I didn't feel my age either; I took care of myself and ate healthy - but thought I would go just in case.
See How to Have a Memorial For Your Lost Baby Here
I had the procedure at the end of my 13th week. When we were brought in to discuss the test results, my heart sunk. The genetic counselor told us we had a 1:2 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome - or Trisomy 21 - as it is also known. Since it was now too late for a CVS test, only an amniocentesis would reveal the real results, and we would have to wait a few weeks before that could be done.
Time was going too slow for the next weeks following. I went home and researched online our test results - what the PAPA-a results and HCG ratios meant. If our baby was normal, it would have a very stunted growth pattern as indicated by the PAPP-a ratios. The baby had a nasal bone and most Trisomy 21 babies do not, so I convinced myself that everything would turn out normal. I looked through forums to find other women with results like mine. I couldn't find anyone given as poor odds as me, but I did find another woman with a 1:3 chance. We emailed each other and her amniocentesis revealed a chromosomally normal baby.
Finally - it was time for my amnio. It hurt a lot to get the procedure done, more than I expected, but by this time I was getting over my fear of needles. Because the odds of a Trisomy 21 pregnancy were so great, they sent the results to the lab for what they called a FISH test. This is basically a quick test where we only had to wait about 2 days for the results instead of a couple weeks.
The phone call from the genetic counsellor came. She said that the results came back positive for Down Syndrome since the FISH test revealed 3 copies of chromosome 21. I was in shock, never thinking that I would have a disabled child. I guessed that I was carrying a boy - something she also confirmed to be true. She explained that there were many options and that if we were to carry the baby to term, there would be almost a 50% chance that he would have heart problems. What would be the child's quality of life? Would he be healthy or in and out of the hospital? There were so many questions we had and this is a topic I never thought we would have to consider. From the data, sadly 90% of couples at the time chose to terminate the pregnancy through abortion once they discovered their baby had Trisomy 21.
During this time, we shared the news with some close friends. It was a hard thing to keep to ourselves. They mainly said the same thing - that they really didn't know what they would do if they were in our position. A couple told me they would abort. We struggled with how to handle our lives and had many discussions about the quality of the baby's life. My husband wanted to terminate the pregnancy and I wasn't sure. After all, I was a vegetarian that didn't believe in ending any person or animal's life. This was the ultimate curve ball to make to re-evaluate things.
We didn't have to make a decision in the end because it was made for us. We were advised by the doctor that there was "fetal demise". I suspected that there was something wrong because I had severe abdominal pains days prior and got checked out. An autopsy report revealed that he had a hole in his heart so never would have survived until birth. Although I was sad about the pregnancy ending, in felt a huge weight lifted as not to be put in a position to make a decision that would change my life no matter what - either I go against my husband's wishes and raise a special needs baby, or terminate the pregnancy like most people and live with tremendous guilt for a lifetime.
This late miscarriage was the worst one of all of them I have had. Perhaps having the worst experience possible miscarriage-wise first better prepared me emotionally for dealing with half a dozen more to follow. Each was painful in its own way but I would never wish my first miscarriage experience on anyone. It affected me in a way that would be hard for anyone who hasn't been through it to understand.
Like everyone who has personal experience having had a miscarriage or a partner who has, it is heartbreaking because you develop hopes and dreams of how your unborn child will turn out. I think it is human nature to get attached no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, and people do not know the right thing to say when it happens a lot of the time. It makes others uncomfortable and they would rather just not bring up the topic at all - which can sometimes be worse to not acknowledge the baby in a way the parents would like. It is a touchy subject, but I personally feel having gone through it, the best response I got was a simple card and flowers to say I'm sorry, and it was just left at that with nothing else needing to be said.
All I can say now is that the tragedies I endured make me look at my children I had years later with such gratitude and appreciation.
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Monday, October 24, 2016


Slow Growth of Pregnancy and Embryo and Miscarriage

Oh yes, I've been down this road...a number of my pregnancies were labeled "threatened miscarriage" because the embryo was small for the number of weeks gestation.
 Because of that, it was no surprise to me that many miscarriages can be predicted due to restricted growth of the embryo.
Read more:


Using the measurements, the researchers discovered that poor growth in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy was a good predictor of miscarriage.

"We also need to look at bloody supply to the embryo and whatever genes are passed on from the father too," the BBC quoted Raj Mathur, a consultant gynaecologist as saying.

They calculated that 77.8 percent of single embryo pregnancies that miscarried were growth restricted, while 98.1 per cent of single embryo pregnancies that did not miscarry were not growth restricted...

..."There are various reasons why some embryos show restricted growth in the early stages of pregnancy. It could be down to an abnormality in the foetus or something in the environment of the womb," Sur said.

"More research is now needed to investigate the relationship between growth and the underlying causes of miscarriage in more detail.


Friday, October 21, 2016


Flying When Pregnant

I recall a fertility doctor telling his patients not to fly when they were pregnant.
  I believe this was because he felt they were exposed to a certain amount of radiation.  However, there could be other reasons not to fly.  If you work as a flight attendant or if you spend a lot of time flying, you should read the link below.

From the article written by Dr. Mercola:


"There is clearly something hazardous about flying regularly. I am convinced that for whatever reason flying is not one of the healthiest things to do on a regular basis. If you have to fly regularly in your job and you have the opportunity to switch positions I would encourage you to do that for health reasons. I am sure as time goes on the specific reasons that chronic flying is detrimental to your health will materialize. The simple and easy ones that I can think of are regular disruptions of your sensitive pituitary hypothalamic axis due to shifting time zones. Melatonin levels are clearly affected. Another possibility is exposure to radiation at 35,000 feet that we do not receive at ground level. Lastly there is the issue of breathing recycled air that may be contaminated with air borne infectious agents from some sick passengers."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


What are omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils. It seems like every time I turn around, I am hearing about more benefits from fish oils and omega 3's. Fish Oils are thought to have an "anti-inflammatory" affect in the body. Some women have what is called "placental inflammation". In pregnancy, fish oils are thought to help prevent conditions like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes according to an Australian study. The researchers found that consuming fish oil led to higher levels of "resolvins" in the placenta. Resolvins are formed from omega-3 fatty acids and are thought to reduce inflammation. Fish oils are also thought to assist with fetal brain development. Read more:


Monday, October 17, 2016


Pains of Writing

Guest Post By Michelle David

The sun felt warm on my back as it slid through the tiny crack between the curtain and the cold wall. One thousand one... one thousand two... one thousand three... breathing... breathing... trying to remember what number I was on, as the contractions continually get harder. What a relief when the muscles finally do ease up.
Writing for me has been the same as labor. Your mind is continually moving, swirling with bits and pieces asking, "What's next?" Then finally an idea pops into your head and your muscles relax for a minute or two. During those few moments, life flows like an emotional wave, thoughts being jotted down on that empty page.
Writing as a child in elementary school didn't have much meaning due to the fact that I don't remember my teachers' ever writing or even my family members writing. My memory does travel to a warm quaint house on Washington Street to a small town in Colorado, to the stench of mothballs where my grandmother would sit at the large dining room table that was covered with a lacy tablecloth. She would peck one finger at a time on an old style typewriter that had white round finger pads each covered with a black letter. My sister and I didn't ask what she was doing, we just seemed content to play to the solid stream of rhythm and beat of that old machine. As of a few years ago, this memory would be just that, a memory. Until my father handed me an old black tattered book that contained the imprints that my grandmother had been working on - Poetry. At that moment, I realized that she too loved poetry. She would sit for hours and meditate until finally the words would come to her. Then she would quietly walk to that table and gracefully sit with her back straight and tall against the hard wooden chair and type. She wouldn't say anything to us. She just seemed to be in her own little world until something would bring her back to the present day, something like the sound of glass being dropped from a two-story window.


My sister and I didn't mean to break one of those round orange plates that had a matching saucer and cup that were placed in the hide-a-way table that was pulled down for dinner. It was just an accident. Anyway, she would holler, "Mike, come get these girls out of here!" And in would run my grandfather, who would gently move us outside to help him water the peony bushes so that my grandmother could continue to work peacefully. My grandmother's ideas seemed to flow as I searched through the pages that held her thoughts. Could this be where my writing interest began? It sure was not developed in high school or college. I do believe it began when I found comfort in a true friend that taught me the importance of journaling. Journaling has been a way to express myself without the fear of people rejecting or judging my thoughts. It opens my world where I can truly be myself and not someone that others want me to be. I am only keeping a record of my human existence for my one and only son. So that someday he can look back and feel the emotions that I did when I first opened that book that my grandmother so tenderly worked on.
When tragedies occur in life people have choices that have to be made. The choices I made were not all positive. On a bright sunny June morning, my now ex-husband and I lost our little girl, Taelor Rene. She was a full term stillborn, whom I felt move that same morning. Due to this loss and three miscarriages later, I choose to quit my life. I didn't think anything mattered. I focused all my energies on my one precious little boy and on my teaching. My husband also displayed signs of hopelessness. We actually denied that we had problems due to the fact that we never discussed how we were feeling. A deep stage of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that people generally go through during loss was something we both internalized. As the days, months, and now years have gone by my thoughts and emotions began to resurface when I taught a poetry unit to my first graders. I found comfort and peace in my writing and in the teaching of my writing through this unit. It's funny how easy the verses came, one right after another and then the title: Heaven
Excited at the thought, a new one will be here. Anticipating the arrival, Preparing the room. Intensely searching for movement, Heartfelt joy, with every pain. The moments come, saddened, no heartbeat. No school days. No friends to have over. No first dates. No wedding. No future. Only the knowing, She is free!
The internalizing that I choose began to come out of me as words of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that should have been expressed many years before. My writing was my avenue to bond with not only my little girl but to the deep emotions that were bottled up inside of me for so long. The writing I do is for me. It is my way of healing. I want to be able to discuss the hurt that life has and will give to me without hurting anyone else around me. I now can express my thoughts creatively. If people want to share in them, all they have to do is open up the book. If not, hopefully they too can learn to heal themselves by understanding what my family has and will continue to live with day after day.
As the breathing continues to get shorter and shorter the doctor exclaims, "One more push," and with all your might you grab hold of a solid sound object, bearing down you do push. You push with everything that you have. As the tiny cries of that new born baby erupts throughout the room, you know in your heart that all the hard work and tears are well worth the pain.
Therefore, writing has been a form of healing that goes beyond words written on a paper, but a bridge to acceptance.
Michelle David is a veteran elementary teacher, specializing in first grade. She has earned her master's degree in the area of reading. She loves the area of creative writing and loves to share this same love of writing with the students in her classroom!
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I realize I have many readers from all over the world and not all readers are familiar with the saints through the Catholic church.  However, for anyone interested, I frequently post about the saints for fertility and pregnancy as many people incorporate prayer into their journey to get pregnant.  Also, when you do become pregnant, especially if you've experienced miscarriage, you may want to call upon saints that can help protect your pregnancy  Saint Gerard is thought of as a saint for those who want to conceive as well as a saint for pregnancy and motherhood.

 I have a page on my site devoted to Saint Gerard along with prayers, click here (

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Miscarriage Grieving and Support

Miscarriage has been swept under the rug in the past. Friends and family sometimes say the wrong thing and your best support may come from others who have been through a similar experience.

See also: for more on miscarriage support

When I ran an infertility support group, many women had experienced not just infertility, but miscarriage as well. This article and video talks about grief and support:

From the article and video:

Dr. Loh Callado explains, "I think there is more recognition and it's talked about more now. Whether you had miscarriages or fetal losses, it used to be hush, hush and don't talk about it. It will go away. The women knew. But were they ever shown the baby, was it ever discussed, were her feelings allowed to be validated? No."

Gina Kolas-Sweat notes, "It just amazed me that the same people who couldn't wait for this baby had very little tolerance for my grief and pretty much expected me to go on with my life and have another baby as if one baby could replace another."

These people have all been part of another pregnancy loss support group, this one run by the National Council Of Jewish Women.

Ed Kessel remembers, "People said all kinds of insensitive, wrong, terrible things to me and I just heard it as, like, I don't know what to say so I'm babbling."

Some of the reactions he got after losing his child were, "'It was for the best.' 'That's probably one of the worst ones.' You don't tell anyone it was for the best when they just lost a child," he says. His wife Sharon says that to her, the comments went, "You're young. You can have another."


Saturday, October 08, 2016


Miscarrage and Judaism

Whether or not you are Jewish, you may find some helpful or comforting information from this site devoted to the Jewish perspective on pregnancy loss.

  I think women of all faiths struggle with miscarriage in much the same way, so this may be of interest:

Read more:

There is another important point in the Talmud (Niddah 16b). We are taught that at the moment of conception, the angel responsible for souls takes the fertilised egg before G-d, Who then decrees the nature of this baby – his/her strengths and weaknesses, wealth and health – everything pertaining to his/her life, including for sure its length. At the moment of conception, a soul is attached to this small collection of cells, and it lives before G-d as a complete spiritual and physical being, with all its life mapped out before him/her. There is nothing a mother could have done differently which would have prevented this baby from dying before birth; before you even knew you were pregnant, G-d had determined how long this soul would live for and when it would be returned to Him.

 See Also: Infertility In The Bible (

  Rebbetzin Twerski (a speaker & writer who is much sought-after for her wise advice) wrote that a friend of hers was speaking to a great sage about the loss, many years ago, of a stillborn baby girl. She told the sage that she had two sons, and also had a daughter, Esther, who would have now been eight years old.

“The sage gently but very sternly and empathetically corrected her. “No,” he said, “Esther would never have been eight years old. She wasn’t meant to live or have a presence in this world.”.

Often our thoughts can follow a never-ending cycle of ‘what should have been’; women are especially good at punishing themselves for what they think they should have done differently. A woman who has lost a baby has done nothing wrong; G-d, for His reasons, intended things to be this way. It is, if anything, His ‘fault’, not yours.


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Prolactin is probably the hormone you have heard of which is associated with breastfeeding and milk production ("pro-lactation").  But this hormone is present in non nursing, non pregnant women as well and it is even present in men.  The problem comes in when this hormone is elevated unrelated to nursing.  It can cause hormone imbalances which cause problems with ovulation and women's cycles.  If you do become pregnant with elevated prolactin, it could contribute to miscarriage.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I had quite a few miscarriages and I wanted to have it expel naturally rather than having yet another surgery to remove the nonviable pregnancy (see how to have a natural miscarriage).  There are times, however when a Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) is recommended.  I had one pregnancy that kept growing even though the baby had died and, in that case, I did undergo surgery to remove it.  However, all surgeries have risks and anytime you introduce sharp objects into the body, scar tissue can form and make future pregnancies more difficult.  So what are the pros and cons, risks and rewards of having surgery to remove a miscarriage?


Monday, September 26, 2016


I have read a number of articles that many women and couples experience PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) after having a miscarriage.  You aren't just losing a cluster of cells or an embryo or fetus, you are losing a complete life that you've built in your mind.  It can be quite devastating as I learned through my process of recurrent miscarriage.  Because of this, many women have a hard time bonding with their baby/pregnancy until after the first trimester when the risk declines.  Read more:


click here for the miscarriage memorial necklace
Miscarriage Memorial Necklace

Jane Ogden has defined three stages in which women experience a miscarriage: first comes turmoil, including the physical trauma of miscarriage; even those whose pregnancies are unwanted are shocked by this.
Then there is a period of adjustment, where people wonder why it has happened to them.
At this stage many search for meaning, for a reason for the miscarriage and they find it very difficult if they can't find a medical explanation. In the third stage there is a decline in sadness.
She said: "Some people actually manage to turn the miscarriage into a learning experience something which is positive for them.
"Out of a miscarriage you have learnt something about who you are, how you manage a difficult negative event in your life and being able to see that you have come though the other end as somebody who is in control of their life."


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Even before I was trying to conceive, I had heard that it may be easier to get pregnant right after you've had a miscarriage.  I had heard that the pregnancy hormones that are still in your system may make you more fertile.  Well, there may be some truth to that, although there are arguments for and against this possibility.  Some say that it actually may take longer to get pregnant because your body may take a while to get it's cycles regulated and it may take a while to have ovulation occur on a regular basis again.  However, some believe that you are more fertile due to the higher level of progesterone in your system after pregnancy and this hormone may help sustain another pregnancy.


Sunday, September 18, 2016


If you're anything like me, your menstrual cycle got shorter with age.  It seems like just one period was ending and another was starting a wee or two later.  This is because older women's hormones may not be as strong and your progesterone may be falling too fast triggering another cycles to start.  So how do you lengthen your menstrual cycle?  This video from my website explains more:


Friday, September 16, 2016


I had a harder time than most when it comes to miscarriage.  Before I had my successful pregnancy which led to the birth of my daughter, I suffered through six miscarriages both physically and emotionally.  One of the most difficult things about miscarriage for me was when I still felt pregnant after I knew the pregnancy was not viable.  This is because the fetal tissue had not expelled because the pregnancy hormones were still in my system.  I think many people are surprised at how long it can take HcG to go down and disappear after a miscarriage.   It can take 1-2 months for HcG to go down.  Many miscarriages will expel on their own, but some do not.  I did have one pregnancy which kept growing and my HcG levels kept going up.  I did finally have a D&C, but I really didn't want to.  The instrument they use for that procedure is a bit scary looking and there have been complications which make future pregnancies more difficult...


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Is Your Miscarriage Diagnosis Wrong?

I've often wondered how ultrasounds are read...I've had quite a few in my time and I'm beginning to think I can read them better than some of the healthcare practitioners. I've had ultrasounds by PA's NP's, ER doctors, and GYNs. It's hard to believe that they're all trained in the same way.

See also: for more on miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage over 40 or any age

 I recall one experience with a physician's assistant.  She told me one thing then went to get the doctor, and he told me another.  When it's your baby's life on the line, you don't need the stress of conflicting diagnoses.  In the end, I did miscarry, but it would have been nice to get the facts up front.  Here is an article about how some miscarriages may be incorrectly diagnosed on ultrasound:

Typically, an embryo larger than 6 mm without a heartbeart or with no detectable increase in the size of the gestational sac between scans is assumed to indicate miscarriage, but Bourne found that it's possible that a healthy pregnancy may not grow measurably in the course of a week or so. In fact, half a percent of the women in the study — or 1 in 183 — still could have been pregnant even though scan guidelines technically would have classified their pregnancies as ended.

In the U.K., ultrasounds that reveal an empty gestational sac over 20 mm in size result in a diagnosis of miscarriage. In the U.S., the standard set by the American College of Radiology is 16 mm. Based on the researchers' findings, 8 in 183 U.S. women — or 1 in 23 — would have a miscarriage diagnosed incorrectly.

Another one of the studies found that measurements of a gestational sac can vary up to 20% depending on who does the measuring; different clinicians get different results. Say, for example, that one sonographer overestimates sac size, then a second sonographer subsequently underestimates it. The resulting confusion could result in a women being falsely told she had miscarried.


Monday, September 12, 2016


Much has been written and debated about whether or not miscarriage  and pregnancy loss can be cause by stress and stress hormones.  As it turns out, there actually is some evidence that high levels of cortisol can be a factor in some miscarriages.  This hormone has even been found in the tissue of miscarried fetuses.  Stress and infertility have long been associated with each other and now, the connection to pregnancy loss seems to be stronger than once thought.  Stress can also lead to a number of pregnancy complications like high blood pressure and even preterm birth.


powerhouse fertility necklace with healing stones, rose quartz moonstone

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What Happens to Miscarried, Stillborn, and Aborted Children?

Guest Post By William Constantine

As a Psychic Medium, one of the hardest parts of the job is helping a parent cope with the loss of a child; however, that said, it's also one of the most rewarding aspects.
For the purpose of today's blog, I am going to focus on the loss that comes in the form of miscarriages and abortions and I hope to provide you with some insight as to my experience with communicating with the child.
Often times, when someone sits in front of me one of the last people they even remotely think will come through would be that of a miscarried/aborted child; however, they often are within the first wave of the reading.
One of the very first things that has been relayed to me by both types of children is that "Everything happened as it should have. That lessons were learned by both sides."
I was at the mall one time and I saw a woman sitting outside of a Starbucks enjoying a coffee, but she wasn't alone as there was a young child with her in spirit. This particular child wanted her mother to know that she was alright and to not blame herself anymore.
"It's not her fault," the little girl said, "everything happens exactly as it should and she shouldn't feel like something is wrong with her."
The above statement resounds from both sides of the spectrum of either miscarried or an aborted child. I had never realized that many internalize and blame (often to the point of beating themselves up emotionally) themselves or feel guilty (as in the case in many abortions).
One particular case of a miscarriage, I can remember the spirit child standing in the room and saying, "Mom and Dad had to be drawn closer and through this their relationship will strengthen."
Powerful stuff when you stop and think about it!
I have gotten both cases where it was to draw the family closer together or, in some way, bring about the transition out of a relationship -- in many cases it is a toxic relationship when this is the reasoning.
miscarriage memorial necklace
"Tell mom not to cry anymore! I'm here and I always will be!"
Spirit children are very compassionate and understanding as to either your choice or the reasoning why this occurred -- it's important to remember that they too have learned a needed lesson.


We as beings of humanity have what seem like very real reasons to hold on, to be angry, to blame, etc. Yet, the spirit world is understanding and everything comes from a place of love, light, forgiveness and compassion! So, the human nature of being guilty and the plethora of emotions that often follow the passing of a loved one is just that -- human!
Lets talk about abortion, many woman who have made this choice often reach a place where they feel guilty and become depressed. The child, however, comes through and let's you know that you made the right choice and decision for you and for all the right reasons! It is important for you to know that they are aware of the WHY....
During an abortion the child transitions just like any other person making the transition -- it is done without pain or suffering. I also know, from my communications with this type of spirit, that he/she typically lingers a day or two before heading into the light. It is imperative for them to know you are starting your healing / recovery process prior to returning home.
So, the good news here is... THE CHILD IS NOT ANGRY WITH YOU! And all relay the message that they were NOT murdered... that "abortion" is a type of death. Some people need a very brief karmic lesson and typically this is why they have selected either abortion, miscarriage, and stillborn as a transition method.
With regards to miscarriages and still births, these children transition like anyone else. They will stay around for their service (most spirits do) and will spend a lot of time with their parent during this time.
Now, once they arrive on the Otherside, it's my understanding that they go through a brief afterlife review and then are debriefed and go through a healing of sorts -- tended to by light beings and masters to help during the transition. (FYI This method of debriefing happens with suicides, murders, and other violent/sudden death)
Furthermore, the child is apart of the Spirit World again and therefore are "tuned in" to your vibrational frequency and thus know what is going on with you, the family, etc. They are watching and are aware from Spirit and, in many cases, come in "visitation" and check up on the family.
Visitation is where a spirit journeys to where you are -- it could be the reason why you may suddenly think of them, feel them, etc. It is their way to be connected and let you know they are still around!
In addition, be it a miscarriage, aborted, or still birth the child always comes through and wants you to know that he/she is still very involved in your life! In some cases, the child wishes to be born at a later time to the exact same parent.
If you have experienced the "loss" of a child, of any kind, and are having difficulty dealing with it -- take comfort in knowing that they are an ever present beacon of light in your life. Pay close attention to the goings on with your current children (if applicable) or just in your daily life -- you are more than likely going to experience proof that they are indeed with you.
Also, it has been reported, that they tend to encourage the child within you to come out so you may experience moments of giddiness.
Trust, in your heart, that your child is still around you and look for signs from them.
Dubbed a living luminary, William Constantine is a powerfully dynamic keynote speaker in the fields of; personal development, spirituality, inspiration, and motivation. For more information visit, [].

Article Source:,-Stillborn,-and-Aborted-Children?&id=6454323

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