You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miscarriage and Exercise More Clarification Needed

Pregnancy Over 40, Miscarriage Over 40

I have written numerous times about how strenuous exercise may increase the chance of miscarriage which has been written about in the literature.
Myt site:
However, this interesting article questions some of the findings or at least tries to clarify how the study was done and whether or not they took other factors into account. Read more:

From the article:

There are several issues worth considering before assuming that exercise increases the risk of miscarriage.

Previous history of exercise not taken into account

The researchers do not appear to have asked the women whether they had exercised prior to their pregnancy. We are unable to determine whether strenuous exercise in itself is a risk factor for miscarriage or whether it is only a risk factor if the woman has exerted herself more in pregnancy than she normally would...

...Healthy pregnancies may lead to more women stopping exercise

The authors point out another source of bias. It is well documented that women with healthy pregnancies are more likely to experience nausea in the first trimester, when compared with women who will subsequently miscarry. If women experience nausea, they may be more likely to stop strenuous exercise in early pregnancy because they feel ill. This would mean that rather than the exercise being a cause of the miscarriage, it was possible because the woman was going to miscarry anyway.

Number of minutes of exercise is different from intensity of exercise

The authors asked women in the interviews how many minutes of exercise they did. However, they did not ask the women what levels of intensity they used when exercising. Two women doing an aerobic workout may do it at very different levels. Walking and hiking were included in low impact exercise for example, but there is a significant difference between walking to pick the kids up from school and hiking in the forest. Without knowledge of intensity of exercise it is difficult to draw any conclusions simply from the number of minutes that a woman exercised.

excerpted from:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

BBT May Indicate Miscarriage

Determining A Miscarriage By Body Temperature

I do recall monitoring my BBT when I was trying to conceive. I actually remember a drop in my temperature on one of my miscarriages. Although I didn't monitor my temperature as a primary means of determining my fertility, if you can do it accurately, you may be able to identify a problem early in a pregnancy. Read more:

BBT After Miscarriage (


Friday, March 15, 2013

Miscarriage Prevention With Fruits and Vegetables

You Can Prevent Miscarriage Over 40 With Fruits and Vegetables

I can't say enough how important your diet is before and of course during pregnancy.
 I frequently say that instead of fertility treatments, I went on "vegetable therapy".  Not only does this help to balance hormones to help you get pregnant, but the fiber helps to eliminate toxins from your body.  In addition, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can keep your weight where it needs to be.  Most people have heard that you should get at least 5 servings in your diet, but when I was trying to conceive, I would eat 8-11 servings.  It wasn't that hard either!  Start by adding a large salad to each meal.  Click Here For A quick and easy fertility salad:

Fertility Foods and Miscarriage Prevention With Hormone Regulation

 Here is a good article about the importance of your diet in the prevention of miscarriage.  It has been found to cut the miscarriage rate in half:

UK: eating fruit and veg 'halves miscarriage risk'

From the article:

"A good diet is vital in pregnancy. Eating fruit and vegetables daily halves the chance of miscarriage, research shows. A study of thousands of pregnant women revealed those who included fruit and veg regularly in their diet were 46 per cent less likely to miscarry..."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You're More Fertilie After A Miscarriage: Is It True?

Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Are You More Fertile?

I have heard that you may have increased fertility after a miscarriage.
See also for more on miscarriage and getting pregnant
I believe the hormones involved with the pregnancy were part of the reason.  In the past, doctor's would tell women to wait a full three months before trying to conceive after a miscarriage, however recent research has shown that there is no need to wait.  The only exception might be if you had to have a D &C if your miscarriage did not expel naturally (missed miscarriage)

Click Here To Read The Full Article About Fertility After Miscarriage


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Miscarriage Guilt NY Times Essay

Self Blame for Miscarriage

I think it's probably a natural reaction to blame yourself for miscarriage.  Afterall, the pregnancy is going on inside of your body and you can't help but question everything you do, eat, or exposed to. 
My site:
This article addresses some of the irrational thoughts that may go through your mind. Read more:

When infants have birth defects, well-meaning doctors often quiz parents, especially mothers, about their habits, medications, family history and so on. This conveys to parents an inadvertent message of blame.

About a month later my friend Libby, who studies women's experiences of pregnancy and birthing, came home from a long trip to England. ''Out with it,'' she said. ''Tell me all the ways you're blaming yourself.'' So I started to list the 14 or so ''my fault'' explanations I had come up with, topping the list with my personal favorite: A few days before the miscarriage, I accidentally slammed my fingers in the garage door and a searing pain went through my whole body. That's when it must have happened.

Libby nodded at each explanation, and even offered a few more. She had heard it all. Inhaling a sudden blast of jet exhaust. Too much sexual activity.

Finally, when we had come up with every explanation we could, Libby said, ''You know, you'll never know why, and it probably wasn't anything you did.'' I had to agree with her. After all, I'm a science-minded person. The ''genetic bad luck'' explanation made sense to me.

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