You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Healthy Gums Can Prevent Miscarriage

Gum Disease and Miscarriage

Ive frequently heard about how the health of your gums can affect your entire body.
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This is because tissue injury or infection can release the "bad" prostaglandins which can be a problem not only getting pregnant, but staying pregnant.
Here is another article which shows an association between gum disease, miscarriage and premature birth. I've published it here in its entirety:

Mums and Gums: Cause of Miscarriage and Premature Births

By Judy Ford

After I had my first child, my dentist complained that I hadn't been looking after my teeth and gums. I was sure that I hadn't been doing anything different from usual. He then went on to complain that all pregnant women and new mothers neglected their teeth and gums. I believe that he was wrong when he suggested that pregnant women suddenly change their oral hygiene habits. But he was correct that the dramatic hormonal changes during pregnancy can greatly affect the gums. If the gums aren't healthy to start with then this seemingly irrelevant problem can seriously baby's growth and health in the womb.
It is now shown beyond any doubt that maternal gum disease causes premature labour. One study performed prospectively in North Carolina looked at the effect of dental health in 812 women. Each woman's dental health was assessed at 26 weeks and then within 48 hours after delivery. The researchers examined both the rate of premature births (less than 28 weeks) and low birth weight (less than 1,000 gms). Their data was adjusted for race, parity and gender. 1.1% of the group with healthy gums (201 women) had premature births. This rate greatly increased in the 566 rated as having mild gum disease to 3.5% and was 11.1% in the 45 women with moderate to severe gum disease. The rates were slightly more dramatic for birth weight. No women with healthy gums had a baby that weighed less than 1,000 gm. Six per cent of the women with mild disease had a baby with low birth weight and 11.4% of those with moderate to severe disease had a low birth weight baby. Studies from Poland, France and Brazil showed similar results.
This research applies equally to second trimester and later miscarriages as well as prematurity at term.
Gum disease might cause low birth weight and prematurity in more than one way. Gum disease allows oral bacteria to move from the mouth into the blood stream. These oral bacteria can cause clotting and are known to be a major factor in strokes. They are also cause endocarditis, a potentially lethal infection of heart valves and inner lining of the heart. Periodontitis, serious gum disease in pregnancy might act through clotting or infection itself.
The great news is that early attention to periodontal (gum) health can reduce these risks.
A study from Chile examined the oral health of 400 pregnant women, aged between 18 and 35, before 28 weeks gestation. Dentists immediately treated periodontal disease in 200 of the women. They treated the other 200 (the controls) only after delivery. The rate of pre-term, low birth weight delivery was 1.8% (3/163) in the treated group and 10.1% (19/188) in the untreated group. Low birth weight and prematurity was 5.5 times more likely in the untreated group.
Prematurity and low birth weight together greatly increase the risk of a baby's death. There are also a large number of other important problems that occur as a result of prematurity. It is sad that it has taken so long to recognise this easily preventable cause of problems.
Let us hope that doctors and dentists will soon work together to prevent the problems in the future. In the meantime, inform every pregnant woman that you know.
Dr Judy Ford is an internationally respected geneticist who has undertaken considerable research into the cause of miscarriage, cause of infertility and cause of birth defects. She believes that most problems are preventable through changes to healthy lifestyles and healthy habits. More information can be found on her website
You are welcome to reuse this article or post it on your site as long as you include these details and credit Dr Judy Ford with authorship.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Woman's Lessons Learned From Miscarriage

Miscarriage and Recurrent Miscarriage Over 40, Are There Lessons To Be Learned?

I often wondered if there was a reason I continually miscarried. In a way, it wasn't surprising that someone who spent the majority of their life not wanting kids would have problems getting pregnant and staying pregnant.
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 I also had a lot of fears about pregnancy itself. This article talks about one woman's analysis of what she learned about herself through miscarriage:

Miscarriage and loss
Lessons from miscarriage so you can have a baby
By Deirdre Morris, BA, MSc, MEd

From the article:

The miscarriage question How can I avoid having miscarriage again? has been asked of me many times.

One very important step is to explore the lesson that miscarriage has for you. In itself, this process can be very empowering because if moves you away from feeling like a victim of miscarriage… into a place that opens up to the bigger picture.

The lesson of miscarriage
This approach certainly helped me after miscarriage.

I experienced miscarriages because there was a part of me that was not quite ready yet for my baby. Intellectually I was ready. Physically too. But many of the patterns and experiences in my life did not reflect how I really wanted to be in the world… what I really wanted for my baby.

My core yearned for something more. In my case, one of the issues that miscarriage made absolutely clear to me was the need to let go of some of the relationships in my life and create sacred space for my new family. Up to then I was running the programme that I was responsible for everybody else and that I couldn't say no to certain others.

Consequently, a lot of my energy (emotional energy) was literally tied up. I was caught up in the knot of having to cater to others and, in hindsight, did not have the energy or space I needed be the kind of mother that I want to be.

Something had to give.

Learning from your miscarriage
As a result of miscarriage and subsequently exploring the message behind it, I have now created sacred space, can say no, and honor my own needs.

My body had been hinting for years but I could not take action. I was too caught up in shoulds. Miscarriage was my body and soul screaming Stop!. I finally listened. Perhaps this resonates with you. Maybe some part of you can hear the deeper message of miscarriage.

You might find it useful to really allow yourself to go within and ask what the learning is for you in miscarriage. Is there something that needs to change in your life to experience success in your fertility, enjoy full-term pregnancy and safe, gentle birth?

Do you need to say no to something you don't want or yes to something delicious now so that success in pregnancy will be the natural next step for you.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Miscarriage Story of Cheri Blair

Miscarriage Over 40, Cheri Blair's Story

Below, I've linked to an older article about Cheri Blair, the former first lady of England.
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She had her first child in her mid forties and conceived another one in her late 40's. Sadly, the second baby miscarried. It just goes to show you that miscarriage can happen to anyone. Here is her story of miscarriage:

The Globe And Mail

From the article:

On August 5 we were back at Chequers. As I had a conference at Matrix [her chambers] on the morning we were due to leave for France [on holiday], I had taken advantage of being in London and booked myself in for my next scan. It was the same radiographer as before, and she was really excited, going on about how rare it was for someone my age to have a naturally conceived baby ... she was just moving the sensor across my oiled stomach when suddenly she stopped.

“There's no heartbeat,” she said, still staring at the screen. For a moment I didn't understand.

“What did you say?”

“There's no heartbeat, Mrs Blair. I'm afraid the baby's dead.”

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Losing Multiples

Pregancy Loss, Miscarriage Of Multiples

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Multiple pregnancies are much more common nowadays with the use of fertility drugs. My first loss was a twin pregnancy after having undergone fertility treatments.

I was absolutely devastated. I cried for months. In retrospect, I should have sought out some support resources rather than trying to "white knuckle" it by myself (I'm not one to speak to others about my feelings).

Here is a good resource for women who have lost a multiple pregnancy:

Center For Loss In Multiple Birth

From the above website:

At a time when the number of multiple pregnancies has increased dramatically, our mission is and has always been to ensure that none of us who have found ourselves on the tragic side of the higher risks for twins and higher multiples needs to feel truly alone or like the only one, no matter what the loss or the circumstances. We do this by ensuring that bereaved multiple birth parents have the same opportunities other bereaved parents need and want: to read materials that relate to what we are going through--to talk to others whom we know truly do understand--and to gain information that in some way relates to our loss and the challenges we are facing as people and parents."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Happens To A Miscarried Baby's Soul?

 Miscarriage and Recurrent Miscarriage - What Happens To The Baby's Soul?

I found an article on "The Jewish Woman's" website about one Rabbi's perspective of what happens to a miscarried baby's soul.
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 I realize many readers have different spiritual beliefs, but for those of you interested, here's an interesting and comforting point of view. There are also some other links which may be of interest within the article. Read more:


From the article:

From a spiritual point of view, I learned the most beautiful teaching from my rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. He told me that every soul that comes into this world comes here with a very specific mission. When that mission is completed, the soul can leave. The holiest of souls need so little time here in this world that some never even make it outside the womb, others only need their heart to beat once, others not even that.

We cannot understand G‑d's ways, but when we believe that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is random, hopefully that will help the grieving process.

Clearly, we want healthy children and easy pregnancies. But for whatever reason, certain souls do not need to come into this world, and both you and I, for whatever reason, carried such souls.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cramping In Pregnancy ? Miscarriage

Cramping Can Be A Normal Part Of Pregnancy

All of my pregnancies (even my successful one) had cramping initially.
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 These cramps might be mistaken as menstrual cramps if you are expecting your period. This is why it's important to be cautious about taking pain medications as some of them can increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Some cramping in pregnancy is normal, but if it persists or is severe, this can be a sign of miscarriage. Read more:

Cramps During Early Pregnancy

In fact, it is normal to have cramps early in the pregnancy. Usually, when women are not pregnant, they experience cramping after they begin to ovulate. This cramping is caused due to the contracting movements of the uterus. When a woman is pregnant and the cramping continues, it is known as implantation cramping and occurs when the egg implants itself in the uterus of the woman. Some women notice and feel this cramping while others do not.

The woman’s body prepares itself for pregnancy and sometimes, while doing so, the uterus contracts and expands to make room for the implantation and then eventually for the baby to grow. The uterus is a big organ in itself. However, as the implantation occurs and the fetus grows, the uterus, which is made of elastic tissues, continues to grow larger. This growth of the uterus may also cause cramping and discomfort initially. Cramps and early pregnancy go hand in hand. In fact cramping is expected as the uterus grows and your doctor will warn you about it.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Recurrent Miscarriage, Repeat Pregnancy Loss Causes and Treatment

Treatment for Recurrent Miscarriage

Here is an article in it's entirety about one couple's experience and treatment of recurrent miscarriage:
See: for more on miscarriage prevention, recurrent miscarriage prevention and support

How To Overcome Recurrent Miscarriage--A Case Study PART 1 OF 2, by gabriela rosa

*Susan and Peter Smith (names have been changed for privacy reasons)
Susan, BMI 21 (30 y.o, oil painter) came to see me on her own after having suffered her third consecutive miscarriage. She was understandably discouraged and very upset by this as her most recent miscarriage had only happened 5 days prior.

1st Miscarriage 1990--6-7 weeks--no D&C required
2nd Miscarriage 2002--8 weeks, blighted ovum--D&C, conceived again 1 month later.
3rd Miscarriage 2003--9 weeks, blighted ovum--D&C

Susan had regular periods that ranged from 32-35 days, normally would bleed for 5 days and considered her bleeding light, varying from bright to dark blood, with no clots. Ovulation was occurring in most cycles between days 17 and 18. She had been on the oral contraceptive pill from the ages 18-25yrs old and experienced an absence of periods for some time post cessation. Susan usually experience moderate to severe pre-menstrual symptoms such as fluid retention, PMT, fatigue and food cravings (sweets).

Other general symptoms she complained about included: palpitations, sinus congestion, numbness and tingling of extremities, occasional migraines (which had been particularly bad on the pill), skin rashes and hives (particularly following neurofen). In the previous year, she had had two elevated Gamma GT results (GGT--liver enzyme).

Susan had many investigations following her third miscarriage. I asked her to bring in those results with her next time. I also asked her to make an appointment with one of the doctor's at the centre as we would need to do some further investigations for heavy metals and genito-urinary tract infections.

Discussed the need to avoid radiation, electrical appliances in the bedroom, chemicals of any type, especially cleaning products and this included a break from painting for at least 120 days (fortunately she could do this) as well as flying (this would be more difficult for her husband as it was part of his job) and anything else that could be detrimental for general health. I advised her and her husband to avoid alcohol and caffeine completely (they didn't smoke or use recreational drugs so, this was one less thing for them to do!)

Detoxifying, low allergenic (dairy and gluten free) organic diet wherever possible (particularly meats). She was to base her meals on vegetables and good quality protein sources and avoid processed, refined, fermented and sugary foods. Susan also needed to make sure she was drinking plenty of filtered water, at least 2L daily. She was already exercising and sleeping well.

Individually customised supplementation regime for Susan.

Individually customised herbal medicine prescription for Susan.

I asked her to bring her partner along next time and for him to have a sperm analysis through a specialist fertility clinic in the interim. I also asked for her to bring along any results she may have to her next visit. She would also begin charting her cycle.

Susan called me to let me know she had thrush. I dispensed herbs for her to taken internally and do sitzbaths/douches daily, followed by local yoghurt and acidophilous applications.

Susan brought in her husband and all results from previous investigations. She was starting to feel better now, felt unwell in the first 2-3weeks after her first visit. Susan was able to implement all the lifestyle changes I suggested to her in the initial consult. Her temperatures were good, mucus changes were undetectable and she was not ovulating.

:: Normal chromosomal assessment of parents and products of conception post D&C
:: High positive IgA + IgG for Candida.
:: Positive IgM for Cardiolipin antibodies
:: Positive Antinuclear antibodies (ANA)
:: Very high prolactin levels (1886 mIU/L)
:: Decreased haemoglobin
:: Elevated globulins (GGT had gone back to normal) (liver function test)
:: Low B12
:: Low day 21 progesterone
:: Positive Gliadin Antibodies (EIA) (gluten intolerance)
:: High fasting blood mercury levels (later established mercury and lead--heavy metal toxicity)

Peter, BMI 30 (31 y.o. General Manager--Retail) accompanied Susan, he was able to bring his blood results as well as sperm analysis and completed questionnaire.

:: Overweight
:: Stressed
:: Nutritional deficiency symptoms
:: Indigestion
:: Constipation
:: High cholesterol
:: High insulin levels (pre-diabetic state)
:: Elevated liver enzymes
:: TSH low end of the range
:: Sperm analysis surprisingly good, despite some sperm clumping and low levels of sperm antibodies being detected.

They were both to follow the diet. Peter needed to detoxify, exercise, implement some stress management techniques, which were discussed and lose some weight. He was able to decrease the amount of interstate flying every month.

Susan and Peter needed to undertake some further heavy metal diagnostic tests and Susan's integrative medicine doctor already started her on oral chelation therapy to detoxify from heavy metals.

Individualised, high quality, therapeutic 'practitioner only' nutrients including and not limited to a good multi vitamin, fish oils, antioxidants, probiotics and more.

Susan had lots of immune system related issues, and was given another customised herbal formula to address these issues in detail. In addition Susan as also prescribed another hormonal balancing mix focusing on liver health and eradicating high levels of candida from her system based on her blood tests and had had thrush soon after our last visit.

Peter's supplements were also Individualised, high quality, therapeutic 'practitioner only' nutrients focusing on overall metabolic health to optimise fertility including and not limited to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium and chromium--these will also help to normalise his weight and blood sugar level issues.

Peter's customised herbal medicines were primarily focused on optimising liver health, prostate and sperm function, general wellbeing, energy levels and decrease stress.

Copyright(c) 2008 Gabriela Rosa and Natural Fertility & Health Solutions P/L.

About the Author

Leading Sydney-based natural fertility specialist, researcher and author Gabriela Rosa is devoted to helping bring healthy babies into the world and empower individuals through better health. Boost your natural fertility, get pregnant fast, increase the odds of IVF, prevent miscarriages and take home a healthier baby--click here for FREE fertility advice and your FREE Natural Fertility Booster ezine subscription.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Miscarriage, Chromosomes and Lifestyle

You Can Prevent Miscarriage Over 40 With Lifestyle Changes

When I was going through the agony of recurrent miscarriage, I did a lot of reading about chromosomes and chromosome abnormalities in pregnancies of older women. 
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 This article was written by a geneticist and explains the types of things that can go wrong and some lifestyle changes you can make.  Read more:

Chromosome Abnormalities, Miscarriage, Age And Lifestyle

By Judy Ford

All our cells have chromosomes which carry the blueprint for our structure - arms, legs etc - and for their function. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and protein. Chromosomes can be abnormal in three ways: there can be a gain in number, a loss in number or a change in structure. Almost all chromosome abnormalities cause serious problems. Most of these problems are lethal so that the cells carrying the abnormalities die. For this reason, most embryos carrying chromosome abnormalities die in the first few weeks. Chromosome abnormalities are the major direct cause of miscarriage.
Many couples who have a miscarriage are told that the laboratory tests have shown that there is a chromosome abnormality. This sounds very serious doesn't it? It is serious and these problems can lead to the birth of a handicapped child. Usually, however, the couple is completely normal and the chromosomal abnormality has only occurred in the gametes - either the woman's egg or the man's sperm. Occasionally the problem is present in all the man or woman's cells but blood tests can detect this.
Unfortunately there is still a great lack of understanding amongst doctors on how chromosome abnormalities arise. Doctors will usually reassure a couple who has normal blood chromosomes that the problem in the embryo will not reoccur. This is bad advice. I have spent many years studying the causes of chromosomal abnormalities in miscarriage and have proved that the problems occur because of problems in lifestyle. Until these are corrected the problems in the eggs and sperm can remain or reoccur.
Chromosomal abnormalities in miscarriages usually occur because either the man or woman has been exposed to chemicals or one or other of them has a dietary deficiency or a bad habit of some type. Bad habits include not drinking enough water, taking drugs, having too much alcohol, smoking heavily and in the case of the man, exposing his testes to too much heat. Infections, both of the common flu variety and of the STD - sexually transmitted variety - can also be involved. Viruses can break chromosomes in exactly the same way as chemicals, radiation and serious dietary deficiencies. Aging itself is associated with changes in body functions that cause a woman's eggs to misdivide.
Most people reading this article would know that the normal number of chromosomes is 46. So how can this change? The answer lies in the process of fertility and conception. Fertility in both the man and the woman involves a special form of cell division - called meiosis - in which the chromosome number is halved. Sometimes this very specialized division process makes errors and one or two chromosomes end up in the wrong place. The resultant egg or sperm then has one or two extra chromosomes. Fertilized eggs that result from eggs or sperm with extra chromosomes usually miscarry although those with an extra copy of one chromosome 21 might survive with Down's syndrome.
The other problem that can affect chromosome number is delayed ovulation. When the egg is over-ripe it can be fertilized by more than one sperm. In such cases the fertilized eggs has one or more extra sets of chromosomes. Fortunately, this problem can also be overcome by correcting poor diet and lifestyle.
If you have had a pregnancy in which a chromosomes abnormality was detected but you, yourselves are normal, make sure that you take the time and effort to correct your lifestyle. You will find a detailed lifestyle evaluation and specific advice on my websites. Once you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will be rewarded by feeling much healthier and hopefully also by giving birth to a healthy baby.
Dr Judy Ford is an internationally respected geneticist who has undertaken considerable research into the causes of miscarriage. Her research has shown that most problems are preventable through changes to healthy lifestyles and healthy habits. More information can be found on her websites and
Article Source:,-Miscarriage,-Age-And-Lifestyle&id=1167883

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Take A Break From Trying To Conceive and Miscarriage and Have A Happy New Year

Click here for another adorable animation from Jacquie Lawson:

Have a safe holiday.
Sandy Robertson

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