You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Therapies to Avert Miscarriage

I've written before about how miscarriage may be caused by immune factors. This article does a good job of explaining how treatments work for this condition. Read more:

From the article:

Dr. Carolyn Coulam at the Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, Va., uses yet another approach: infusing the mother's blood with gamma globulin, an antibody mixture that includes blocking antibodies. Dr. Coulam said that using these commercially available antibodies means that fetal protection does not have to depend on the mother's ability to respond to stimulation. Furthermore, she explained in an interview, some women miscarry even though they can make blocking antibodies, but they are able to deliver live babies through the protection offered by gamma globulin.

Dr. Coulam said she and German researchers have achieved live birth rates of about 80 percent with the gamma globulin technique.

Dr. Cowchock and others also have reported remarkable success in countering autoimmune disturbances in the pregnant woman that can endanger her fetus. Particularly troublesome are a class of autoantibodies called antiphospholipid antibodies that attack the "glue" between cells and trigger the formation of blood clots.

Though the woman may have no symptoms warning her of the presence of such antibodies, they can be detected through blood tests. During pregnancy, blood clots caused by the autoantibodies can clog the blood vessels of the placenta, depriving the fetus of needed oxygen and nutrients. This can result in fetal death and miscarriage during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or, later in pregnancy, it can retard fetal growth, causing low birth weight or premature birth, among other serious problems.

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