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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Preventing Stillbirths

My miscarriages were all first trimester losses, but I've often wondered how devastating it must be to carry a pregnancy to term or almost to term only to lose it. Here is a a link to an organization which hopes to educate women and health professionals about how to prevent this devastating outcome:

The National Stillbirth Society

Here is their mission statement:

"The mission of the parent-led National Stillbirth Society is to "educate, agitate and legislate" for greater stillbirth awareness, research and reform. Ours is an "activist" organization, fighting to overcome the inertia of traditional practices and to challenge those medical care providers who routinely accept stillbirth as an unfortunate but unavoidable outcome of pregnancy in a small percentage of cases.

Every year 30,000 American women experience pregnancy and the pain of childbirth only to end up with a dead baby. More than half of these mothers will never learn why their babies died because their doctors don't know and autopsies don't show. How is it possible for a mother's womb - that gave her baby life and nourishment - to somehow become her baby's tomb? Without answers, there can be no prevention.

While some stillbirths may be unavoidable, babies who evidence no medical cause of death should not be dying. Ultimately we hope to reduce the incidence of stillbirth from all causes. At present it is the unexplained stillbirths that present the best chance we have to achieve immediate and significant reductions in stillbirth fatalities.

With the help of mothers, fathers, friends and families, we can change the course of stillbirth in America and we must, because if we don't, who will?"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stillbirths and SIDS

I found this site (link below) which you may find helpful if you've had a stillbirth or lost a baby to SIDS (or if you know someone who has). It gives support resources, recent research and ways to cope. Read more;

When A Baby Has Died (

Here is some helpful information from the article:

"Because as many as two-thirds of all stillbirth deaths cannot be attributed to a specific identifiable medical cause, often times parents, family members and even physicians are left with unanswered questions and overwhelming feelings of guilt. It is very important for those Dealing with Stillbirth to understand that these deaths are rarely caused by anything the mother did or didn’t do during her pregnancy. Stillborn babies are born mostly to mothers who followed the rules and had adequate pre-natal care.

Medically speaking, stillbirth is the death of a baby in its mother’s womb after 20 weeks gestational age and up to the moment of delivery, which is when many die…. suddenly and without warning.

After suffering a stillbirth it's not uncommon for former close friends to become estranged, and for strangers become one's new close friends. Even family members can become estranged. Few know how to deal with parents who have experienced a stillbirth death so they simply avoid them. It is our hope to provide parents, family members, physicians and others with information and resources that will help them understand these deaths as much as possible, while we continue to support critically needed research and educational efforts to eliminate these tragic infant deaths."

The article also gives some links to other helpful resources.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies For Miscarriage

I found an interesting article which talks about some things to do to help prevent miscarriage. This article is written from the alternative medicine point of view so many recommendations may sound unconventional but may be worth a try. I can't vouch for their recommendations since I did not try them, but they still may be of interest.
Read more here (

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