You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Friday, October 21, 2016


Flying When Pregnant

I recall a fertility doctor telling his patients not to fly when they were pregnant.
  I believe this was because he felt they were exposed to a certain amount of radiation.  However, there could be other reasons not to fly.  If you work as a flight attendant or if you spend a lot of time flying, you should read the link below.

From the article written by Dr. Mercola:


"There is clearly something hazardous about flying regularly. I am convinced that for whatever reason flying is not one of the healthiest things to do on a regular basis. If you have to fly regularly in your job and you have the opportunity to switch positions I would encourage you to do that for health reasons. I am sure as time goes on the specific reasons that chronic flying is detrimental to your health will materialize. The simple and easy ones that I can think of are regular disruptions of your sensitive pituitary hypothalamic axis due to shifting time zones. Melatonin levels are clearly affected. Another possibility is exposure to radiation at 35,000 feet that we do not receive at ground level. Lastly there is the issue of breathing recycled air that may be contaminated with air borne infectious agents from some sick passengers."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


What are omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils. It seems like every time I turn around, I am hearing about more benefits from fish oils and omega 3's. Fish Oils are thought to have an "anti-inflammatory" affect in the body. Some women have what is called "placental inflammation". In pregnancy, fish oils are thought to help prevent conditions like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes according to an Australian study. The researchers found that consuming fish oil led to higher levels of "resolvins" in the placenta. Resolvins are formed from omega-3 fatty acids and are thought to reduce inflammation. Fish oils are also thought to assist with fetal brain development. Read more:


Monday, October 17, 2016


Pains of Writing

Guest Post By Michelle David

The sun felt warm on my back as it slid through the tiny crack between the curtain and the cold wall. One thousand one... one thousand two... one thousand three... breathing... breathing... trying to remember what number I was on, as the contractions continually get harder. What a relief when the muscles finally do ease up.
Writing for me has been the same as labor. Your mind is continually moving, swirling with bits and pieces asking, "What's next?" Then finally an idea pops into your head and your muscles relax for a minute or two. During those few moments, life flows like an emotional wave, thoughts being jotted down on that empty page.
Writing as a child in elementary school didn't have much meaning due to the fact that I don't remember my teachers' ever writing or even my family members writing. My memory does travel to a warm quaint house on Washington Street to a small town in Colorado, to the stench of mothballs where my grandmother would sit at the large dining room table that was covered with a lacy tablecloth. She would peck one finger at a time on an old style typewriter that had white round finger pads each covered with a black letter. My sister and I didn't ask what she was doing, we just seemed content to play to the solid stream of rhythm and beat of that old machine. As of a few years ago, this memory would be just that, a memory. Until my father handed me an old black tattered book that contained the imprints that my grandmother had been working on - Poetry. At that moment, I realized that she too loved poetry. She would sit for hours and meditate until finally the words would come to her. Then she would quietly walk to that table and gracefully sit with her back straight and tall against the hard wooden chair and type. She wouldn't say anything to us. She just seemed to be in her own little world until something would bring her back to the present day, something like the sound of glass being dropped from a two-story window.


My sister and I didn't mean to break one of those round orange plates that had a matching saucer and cup that were placed in the hide-a-way table that was pulled down for dinner. It was just an accident. Anyway, she would holler, "Mike, come get these girls out of here!" And in would run my grandfather, who would gently move us outside to help him water the peony bushes so that my grandmother could continue to work peacefully. My grandmother's ideas seemed to flow as I searched through the pages that held her thoughts. Could this be where my writing interest began? It sure was not developed in high school or college. I do believe it began when I found comfort in a true friend that taught me the importance of journaling. Journaling has been a way to express myself without the fear of people rejecting or judging my thoughts. It opens my world where I can truly be myself and not someone that others want me to be. I am only keeping a record of my human existence for my one and only son. So that someday he can look back and feel the emotions that I did when I first opened that book that my grandmother so tenderly worked on.
When tragedies occur in life people have choices that have to be made. The choices I made were not all positive. On a bright sunny June morning, my now ex-husband and I lost our little girl, Taelor Rene. She was a full term stillborn, whom I felt move that same morning. Due to this loss and three miscarriages later, I choose to quit my life. I didn't think anything mattered. I focused all my energies on my one precious little boy and on my teaching. My husband also displayed signs of hopelessness. We actually denied that we had problems due to the fact that we never discussed how we were feeling. A deep stage of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that people generally go through during loss was something we both internalized. As the days, months, and now years have gone by my thoughts and emotions began to resurface when I taught a poetry unit to my first graders. I found comfort and peace in my writing and in the teaching of my writing through this unit. It's funny how easy the verses came, one right after another and then the title: Heaven
Excited at the thought, a new one will be here. Anticipating the arrival, Preparing the room. Intensely searching for movement, Heartfelt joy, with every pain. The moments come, saddened, no heartbeat. No school days. No friends to have over. No first dates. No wedding. No future. Only the knowing, She is free!
The internalizing that I choose began to come out of me as words of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that should have been expressed many years before. My writing was my avenue to bond with not only my little girl but to the deep emotions that were bottled up inside of me for so long. The writing I do is for me. It is my way of healing. I want to be able to discuss the hurt that life has and will give to me without hurting anyone else around me. I now can express my thoughts creatively. If people want to share in them, all they have to do is open up the book. If not, hopefully they too can learn to heal themselves by understanding what my family has and will continue to live with day after day.
As the breathing continues to get shorter and shorter the doctor exclaims, "One more push," and with all your might you grab hold of a solid sound object, bearing down you do push. You push with everything that you have. As the tiny cries of that new born baby erupts throughout the room, you know in your heart that all the hard work and tears are well worth the pain.
Therefore, writing has been a form of healing that goes beyond words written on a paper, but a bridge to acceptance.
Michelle David is a veteran elementary teacher, specializing in first grade. She has earned her master's degree in the area of reading. She loves the area of creative writing and loves to share this same love of writing with the students in her classroom!
Article Source:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

HOW TO HAVE A NATURAL MISCARRIAGE I was experiencing recurrent miscarriage, I found that one of the most awful things I had to go through was waiting for the remains of my pregnancy to expel.  Not only was it devastating that my baby was no longer alive, but I continued to feel pregnant because my body still had the HcG hormone and my uterus was still full with fetal tissue and the surrounding uterine lining.  Some of my miscarriages expelled on their own within a few weeks, but there were a couple where I had to go through surgery which is called a D&C or sometimes called a D&E (dilatation and evacuation).  Although I had not done this research at the time, I subsequently looked into ways that you can encourage your body to expel the remains of a nonviable pregnancy.  I have devoted a page on my website to having a natural miscarriage, click here (

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I realize I have many readers from all over the world and not all readers are familiar with the saints through the Catholic church.  However, for anyone interested, I frequently post about the saints for fertility and pregnancy as many people incorporate prayer into their journey to get pregnant.  Also, when you do become pregnant, especially if you've experienced miscarriage, you may want to call upon saints that can help protect your pregnancy  Saint Gerard is thought of as a saint for those who want to conceive as well as a saint for pregnancy and motherhood.

 I have a page on my site devoted to Saint Gerard along with prayers, click here (

Monday, October 10, 2016


Miscarriage Grieving and Support

Miscarriage has been swept under the rug in the past. Friends and family sometimes say the wrong thing and your best support may come from others who have been through a similar experience.

See also: for more on miscarriage support

When I ran an infertility support group, many women had experienced not just infertility, but miscarriage as well. This article and video talks about grief and support:

From the article and video:

Dr. Loh Callado explains, "I think there is more recognition and it's talked about more now. Whether you had miscarriages or fetal losses, it used to be hush, hush and don't talk about it. It will go away. The women knew. But were they ever shown the baby, was it ever discussed, were her feelings allowed to be validated? No."

Gina Kolas-Sweat notes, "It just amazed me that the same people who couldn't wait for this baby had very little tolerance for my grief and pretty much expected me to go on with my life and have another baby as if one baby could replace another."

These people have all been part of another pregnancy loss support group, this one run by the National Council Of Jewish Women.

Ed Kessel remembers, "People said all kinds of insensitive, wrong, terrible things to me and I just heard it as, like, I don't know what to say so I'm babbling."

Some of the reactions he got after losing his child were, "'It was for the best.' 'That's probably one of the worst ones.' You don't tell anyone it was for the best when they just lost a child," he says. His wife Sharon says that to her, the comments went, "You're young. You can have another."


Saturday, October 08, 2016


Miscarrage and Judaism

Whether or not you are Jewish, you may find some helpful or comforting information from this site devoted to the Jewish perspective on pregnancy loss.

  I think women of all faiths struggle with miscarriage in much the same way, so this may be of interest:

Read more:

There is another important point in the Talmud (Niddah 16b). We are taught that at the moment of conception, the angel responsible for souls takes the fertilised egg before G-d, Who then decrees the nature of this baby – his/her strengths and weaknesses, wealth and health – everything pertaining to his/her life, including for sure its length. At the moment of conception, a soul is attached to this small collection of cells, and it lives before G-d as a complete spiritual and physical being, with all its life mapped out before him/her. There is nothing a mother could have done differently which would have prevented this baby from dying before birth; before you even knew you were pregnant, G-d had determined how long this soul would live for and when it would be returned to Him.

 See Also: Infertility In The Bible (

  Rebbetzin Twerski (a speaker & writer who is much sought-after for her wise advice) wrote that a friend of hers was speaking to a great sage about the loss, many years ago, of a stillborn baby girl. She told the sage that she had two sons, and also had a daughter, Esther, who would have now been eight years old.

“The sage gently but very sternly and empathetically corrected her. “No,” he said, “Esther would never have been eight years old. She wasn’t meant to live or have a presence in this world.”.

Often our thoughts can follow a never-ending cycle of ‘what should have been’; women are especially good at punishing themselves for what they think they should have done differently. A woman who has lost a baby has done nothing wrong; G-d, for His reasons, intended things to be this way. It is, if anything, His ‘fault’, not yours.


Thursday, October 06, 2016


Prolactin is probably the hormone you have heard of which is associated with breastfeeding and milk production ("pro-lactation").  But this hormone is present in non nursing, non pregnant women as well and it is even present in men.  The problem comes in when this hormone is elevated unrelated to nursing.  It can cause hormone imbalances which cause problems with ovulation and women's cycles.  If you do become pregnant with elevated prolactin, it could contribute to miscarriage.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016


It seems like the media loves to focus on all of the "doom and gloom" associated with pregnancy over the age of 40?  Okay, I'll admit, older women probably need to try a little harder to get pregnant and to avoid complications once they are pregnant, but the difference between older women and younger women isn't all that great.  For instance, one of the biggest risk factors for older women is their weight rather than their age.  If an older woman can go into a pregnancy at a normal weight, this can really help to decrease the incidence of some pregnancy complications.  Additionally, some birth defects are actually less common in older women....when was the last time you heard the media talk about that?  I have a page on my website devoted to the real rate of pregnancy complications and birth defects over 40. 


Sunday, October 02, 2016


When I read the following article, I could certainly related to how infertility is talked about more than miscarriage.
 Even when I ran an infertility support group, it was almost like people didn't want to talk about miscarriage because it was a painful reminder that all your efforts to conceive could end so badly. But it's an important part of the healing process to release the emotions so you are ready to try again. Read more:


Even infertility is more talked-about than miscarriage. We read and hear about research studies linking infertility to various environmental factors. Many popular remedies claim to help infertile couples conceive: acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga. And there are support groups, where infertile couples can get sympathy and advice on how to conceive. Not being able to conceive is, of course, a serious problem for some couples and comes with its share of heartbreaks and sadness. But miscarriages are devastating both physically and emotionally because the mind and body have begun preparations for a life that, for unexplained reasons, dies. It is not the absence of life but the miraculous creation of life and then that little life’s mysterious termination.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I had quite a few miscarriages and I wanted to have it expel naturally rather than having yet another surgery to remove the nonviable pregnancy (see how to have a natural miscarriage).  There are times, however when a Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) is recommended.  I had one pregnancy that kept growing even though the baby had died and, in that case, I did undergo surgery to remove it.  However, all surgeries have risks and anytime you introduce sharp objects into the body, scar tissue can form and make future pregnancies more difficult.  So what are the pros and cons, risks and rewards of having surgery to remove a miscarriage?


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